What You Need to Wear When Going Fishing in the Summer?

Every experienced angler knows how important fishing clothes are. Being an activity that is practiced all year round, it is imperative that anglers wear the right clothing that will ensure they have a great experience on the waters. Today, we are going to focus on clothes that are perfect for fishing in summer. In the summer you should have a good shirt that can breathe and dry quickly, pants are preferable, water shoes or sandals with good traction, a wide brimmed hat, something to protect your neck, and a good pair of gloves to help with removing fish off your line. Also, bring sunscreen with you. A fishing trip without ending up covered in aloe vera is always a win.

Because fishing isn’t a half-hour activity, anyone interested in fishing during summer may be exposed to the sun for long hours and this can have drastic effects. Therefore, the best fishing clothes should offer protection from the sun and be comfortable enough. With that being said, let’s look at the best fishing attire for summer.

1. Shirts

During summer, shirts or any other upper body attire worn should be lightweight and have a light color. The material used to make the shirt needs to be breathable. These three features are very crucial for fishing in the summer. Thanks to advancements in the clothing industry, today there are plenty of brands that incorporate all these features in their shirts. Additional features you should be on the lookout for are a flap on the back to allow cool air in, and a mesh lining to help in air circulation. Preferably, you should go with a shirt made from cotton material as it is more breathable. You might also consider shirts with the SPF factor because they will ensure your body stays cool when the temperatures rise. About light-colored shirts, during summer the sky is mostly clear. Light blue or muted gray colors allow you to camouflage easily with the color of the sky. And this can contribute immensely to your success in easily catching fish.


2. Shorts and Pants

Like shirts, pants need to be lightweight and breathable as well, because most anglers love clothing that can carry light gear, cargo pants or shorts make an excellent choice as they do come with extra pockets. Irrespective of whatever you decide to wear, breathability is crucial. For the lover of jeans, though you can still wear a pair when going fishing in summer, this fabric isn’t light and neither is it breathable. Should you get sweaty, the denim material will absorb the sweat and the jeans will feel uncomfortable. It’s better to go with materials such as nylon that will offer adequate protection from the sun. A pro tip used by experienced anglers is investing in versatile pants. These are pants that have zip-off legs that can be unzipped and turned into shorts. This is quite advantageous because when it gets hot during the day, you can unzip the legs and wear them when it gets colder in the evening. fishing shirts are everywhere nowadays and are perfect for your day out.

3. Shoes

Footwear is as crucial as clothes when fishing during summer. There are many options to go with, in this case. You can wear sandals, water shoes or boots. When temperatures are high, most anglers prefer to wear sandals as they are more breathable. Before putting on a pair of sandals, you should confirm if they are lightweight and comfortable. Fishing takes time and you have to be in attire that is comfortable. The best summer fishing footwear ought to be flexible and have proper ventilation. The shoes should be able to conform to the shape of your feet and feature technology that will keep your feet dry and cool when it gets too hot. A sole made of rubber would be a great choice because it will prevent slipping. A quality pair of summer fishing footwear should be UV-resistant, easy to clean, and odor resistant. All these features will ensure you get the most out of your sandals or shoe. It’s also a good idea to get a waterproof shoe or one that can dry easily.

4. Hats

When fishing during summer, hats are a must. Not unless you prefer to fish very early in the morning, you should wear a hat. It will protect you from sunburn and UV exposure. It will also block the blinding light from the sun and improve your visibility. Similar to other fishing clothing, hats should be light, breathable, and made of a soft fabric. A good fishing hat should allow your hat to breathe and prevent your face from sweating. Hats will keep your scalp, ears, and forehead protected from the scorching heat of the sun.

5. Fishing Neckos

You would think some anglers are just trying to look fancy when they wear neckos, but the main reason is to protect their necks from sunrays. For those who don’t like wearing hats, neckos are a great alternative. They cover the ears and the neck from sunburns. You can wear both if you want. Most fishing neckos are made from breathable materials and will keep you cool when temperatures are abnormally high.

6. Gloves

There are a lot of mixed reactions about wearing gloves when fishing. However, what you need to know is that gloves offer protection from harmful sun rays during summer fishing. Gloves featuring high UDF sun protection will ensure your hands look as great as they did before you stepped out of the house. Please note that gloves offer varying experiences to anglers. Some find it difficult to cast the rod when they are wearing gloves and others have no problem at all. It’s up to you to give this a try and see where you lie.

Bring Some Sunscreen with You

Even though sunscreen doesn’t fall under the category of clothing, it does a commendable job at protecting your skin from the sun. Waterproof and oil-free sunscreen will reduce UV exposure and prevent sun damage. Using sunscreen alone isn’t enough. You also should invest in the above types of clothes if you want to have a great fishing experience in summer.

The Bottom Line

Wearing the right fishing attire can guarantee that you will enjoy your time when doing what you love, and even though summer is a great season for catching fish, the scorching sun can deal you a hefty blow if you aren’t well prepared. Summertime fishing can lead to severe sunburns, dehydration, and heatstroke. However, with proper fishing attire, you can protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Also, never forget to carry enough water with you.

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