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Wels Catfish black white illustration

How Big Can a Wels Catfish Get?

The Wels catfish can get as large as 15 feet. That is the size equivalent to six mini fridges! So, the Wels catfish is enormous, and since it is a catfish, it also weighs a ton, making the fish seem even bigger than humans. Wels catfish are generally very big, […]

Wels Catfish illustration

Are Wels Catfish Dangerous?

Wels Catfish is somewhat dangerous. There have been instances of the Wels catfish attacking humans, but is it the fish’s fault? Many times, the fish is blamed for an attack when it is provoked. Regardless, Wels catfish is a giant fish, so staying safe when encountering it is best. Wels […]

Also known as a sheatfish

What is a Wels Catfish?

The Wels catfish is one of the largest species of catfish. They are mainly native to broad southern, eastern, and central European areas. They are found in the Baltic, Black, and Caspian Seas. In Western Europe, it is known as a prized sport fish. It is also found in the […]

Snake in the water

Will Bass Eat Snakes?

Some species of bass eat snakes, but it’s not a regular part of their diet. Bass have a large and varied diet and could be more picky. Bass are opportunistic predators, so they have a wide and varied diet. It’s no surprise that there have been multiple recorded instances where […]

What Is the Difference Between a Catfish and Swai?

The most significant difference between Catfish and Swai is their appearance and characteristics. Catfish and Swai are both popular seafood options, but they differ in a few aspects. Catfish is a broad term that surrounds various species found in freshwater environments. On the other hand, Swai is a distinctive type […]

Catfish at a bottom of a lake

Will Catfish Eat Snakes?

Catfish can eat snakes, but not all of them. Snakes do not make up the typical catfish diet, which is rare. Of course, there are exceptions, which is why the answer is catfish do eat snakes if they get the chance. Catfish are known to eat anything they can find, and […]

Closeup of a catfish

What is the Difference Between Catfish and Mudfish?

Catfish and mudfish have different issues. Despite both being freshwater fish, they are different in many aspects. Though they are from the same family, they are different in taste and several habitual facts. Their behavioral patterns are different, and their hunting process, living system, diet, reproduction process, and nutrition system […]