Information about Catfish

What Is a Catfish Algae Eater?

A catfish algae eater is a very interesting and unique fish that can be found in many different places worldwide. Catfish are freshwater fish native to Africa, Asia, and North and South America. They are popular in aquariums and home ponds because of their scavenging habits and algae-eating abilities. There […]

What Are Saltwater Catfish?

Since there are so many different catfish available in the world, they occupy almost all types of water around the world. There are catfish that inhabit saltwater, as well. A saltwater catfish lives in salty water, ocean water, or seawater instead of fresh water. There are not many saltwater catfish, […]

Do Catfish Like the Rain? 

We already know that weather and season play a huge role in how successful you will be in catching fish, like catfish, but rain can come down in any season. Therefore, it is natural to wonder what the effect of rain is on catfish and if catfish like the rain.  […]

What Is a Wallago Attu? 

Wallago Attu is a freshwater fish found in the Indian Subcontinent and other parts of South and Southeast Asia. This fish is one of the most fascinating and distinctive species, and you can catch it in various environments.  Fish provide us with essential minerals and high-quality protein, because of their […]

Do Catfish Like Bread?

Bread is mostly used for chumming for catfish, although some anglers use it as bait. Using bread to catch catfish is possible if you can get it to stay on the hook. Most fishermen use bread as chum and then fish with it on the surface. Bread makes a fantastic […]

How Do Catfish Dig Holes?

Catfish dig holes using their heads, mouths, and jaws. Do you ever find yourself scratching your head, wondering how fish like catfish manage to dig so efficiently? The answer likely has to do with how their jaw muscles are structured. This article will explore how the catfish clan works and […]

Can a Catfish Jump Out of Water?

The catfish is a famous fish with many unique features, one of which is that it can jump out of the water. If you have a pet catfish or observe catfish in the wild, you might find them jumping out of the water. They jump out of the water for […]

Why do Catfish Smell Bad?

If you’re a fish lover, you might wonder why your fish smells bad after cleaning it properly. Here, you’ll learn why catfish sometimes produce an unpleasant “muddy” aroma and how to prevent this before it starts happening. You might be familiar with the “muddy” smell that sometimes lingers in some […]

Does Catfish Make You Poop?

Constipation is something that a lot of people suffer from as it is a very common condition. There are a lot of food items that can relieve constipation, so is catfish part of them? Unfortunately, there is not much data or information on catfish helping a person poop. However, it […]