Information about Bass

Catfish open mouthed

What is the Difference between Catfish and White Bass?

Understanding the differences between catfish and white bass is crucial for both anglers and those interested in freshwater fish species. Catfish and white bass are commonly found in various water systems across North America and are both popular among fishing enthusiasts for different reasons. They belong to different fish families […]

Snake in the water

Will Bass Eat Snakes?

Some species of bass eat snakes, but it’s not a regular part of their diet. Bass have a large and varied diet and could be more picky. Bass are opportunistic predators, so they have a wide and varied diet. It’s no surprise that there have been multiple recorded instances where […]

Caught Largemouth Bass

Do Catfish Eat Bass?

Catfish can eat whatever fits in its mouth, and sometimes that can be a bass. However, this is not common, as the bass is a large, aggressive fish which can defend themselves against catfish. Bass is actually an important part of the diet for larger catfish. Smaller species such as […]

What Are Bass Beds?

Bass beds have been a fisherman’s best friend for decades and are small depressions in the riverbed caused by male bass aggressively defending their nests. In the springtime, when male bass are just coming out of winter hibernation and returning to the open water, they spawn and return to their […]

Peacock Bass

Are Bass Cannibals?

Most bass will eat other bass, which would make them cannibals, if there is a lack of food. This cannibalism is more prominent when they give birth, and the parent fish eat their eggs and fry. As well, they tend to be cannibalistic when they are younger and will eat […]

Are Grouper Related to Bass?

Groupers are related to bass, as they are classified under the same family, but they belong to different subfamilies. They look nowhere near similar since most groupers have a stout appearance while most bass are perch-like, but they are cousins. This article will provide in detail the family tree of […]

What Do Bass Eat?

Bass eat a variety of foods depending on location and time of year. They are opportunistic feeders, meaning they eat just about anything they can fit in their mouths. Their diet consists of smaller fish, crayfish, insects, and even small mammals. Bass is one of the most popular and sought-after […]

Are Bass Bottom Feeders?

Bass is an umbrella term that refers to many types of freshwater and marine fish in the ocean. Although there are many different types of bass fish, they are primarily bottom feeders and yes, bass are considered bottom feeders. Bass is an exciting fish with nine known species: Alabama bass, […]

Are Bass Cold Blooded?

The short answer is yes, bass are cold blooded like most fish, amphibians, and reptiles. This means they need to be in a situation where it doesn’t get too cold to completely slow them down or they enter a state of inactivity till it warms back up. This put a […]

Are Bass Territorial?

Bass are a “predator fish” and they are known to be aggressive and extremely territorial. As a result of this, bigger bass and little bass do not hang around together. Fish that are aggressive will eat just about anything in sight, and bass are no different. If you put something […]