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Can Grouper be Farm Raised?

The short answer is that grouper can be farm raised. Currently, Asia is home to the vast majority of grouper farms, with Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Vietnam among the most prominent. Farms can use land-based or maritime water recirculating systems and coastal ponds. Grouper have been caught wild […]

How do Catfish Respond to Light?

To some extent, we can say that catfish are attracted to light because the light in water makes prey more visible to them. The bugs and bait shine in the light and attract the catfish towards them. At night, catfish usually stay away from the light because of the danger […]

Worms in Grouper: What you Need to Know

Groupers can get worms. All types of groupers belonging to large fish species can get worms. Worms are parasites, naturally occurring organisms that live on or in their hosts. They do not cause contamination. Worms are common in fish, as insects are in fruits and vegetables, but these worms do […]

What do Catfish Eat?

Catfish are mostly omnivorous, bottom feeders that eat plant matter, small fishes, and insects. The diet of catfish is very diverse as they can feed on a variety of things. However, some catfish can be carnivores or herbivores depending on the species. Many omnivorous catfish eat things like snails, frogs, […]

How do Catfish Hunt?

Catfish are diverse species of fish that find food in many ways. Although most catfish are omnivorous, some are carnivorous, and carnivorous fish need to hunt for their prey. Many types of catfish hunt in groups when they are looking for food. Catfish have a great sense of smell and […]

How Do Catfish Survive in Mud?

Catfish can survive in puddles of mud. This is because their body stays protected by wet mud, mucus, and slime. They breathe with a process known as cutaneous respiration. Catfish can be seen to enclose themselves in mud, cover themselves in a mucus slime, and remain suspended for a whole […]

How do Catfish Give Birth?

Catfish do not give birth, like humans do, but the vast majority spawn. The female catfish drops the eggs, in an appropriate location to predators. Once the eggs are laid the male catfish fertilizes the eggs with its sperm. This is called substrate spawning. Many male species of catfish will […]

How do Catfish Find Food?

Catfish love to not work hard for food. They eat whatever is abundant in the water they occupy. They are mostly bottom feeders and will search for whatever is an easy meal at that location. Given their large olfactory ability all over their bodies and their barbels they can use […]

How do Catfish Mate?

Although there are many different species of catfish, they usually mate similarly. In most cases, the female fish releases eggs, and the male fish releases sperm, and they fertilize outside the body. The parent fish usually build a nest beforehand on a flat surface where they keep the eggs until […]

How do Catfish Feed?

Catfish are opportunistic, voracious feeders who scavenge for their food. Catfish are primarily a bottom feeder looking to scavenge for food but could be in different areas during the day. They eat at all times of the day but do prefer to be in darker areas which would be under […]