How to Cast a Fishing Rod off a Pier?

Pier fishing isn’t only fun, but it can also be quite productive. It is one of the many
aspects of sea fishing that people really love to do. If you have never tried
out, then it is worth giving it a shot.

Below is a guide on how to cast a fishing rod off a pier. We will discuss not only the
techniques you can use but also valuable tips regarding pier fishing. This
guide can be helpful to those who are new to pier fishing, and the pros can
also pick a thing or two from this article. We know you are eager to begin your
journey to peer fishing so let’s dive straight into it.

First What is Pier Fishing?

Let’s start with defining what a pier is. A pier is practically a barrier located along the
swimming coast. Fish have to swim around it so that they can get to the other
side. It is during this period that fishermen can use the opportunity to catch
them. The pier is also home to a wide variety of sea life. Most piers aren’t
only a source of beautiful views, but you can catch several types of fish.

Pier fishing is the act of fishing from a pier. One of the pros of pier fishing is that you
don’t have to set sail deep into the sea or hire a boat. All you need to do is
carry your fishing rod to the nearest pier and get to fishing.

Most piers are accessible during a few seasons, especially summer. There are only a few
piers worldwide that are open throughout the year even during winter. It all
depends on the season. You should note that, despite there being availability
of many species during rough weather conditions. Accessing the pier puts you at
risk of the high waves.

Tips on How to Cast a Fishing Rod off a Pier

Step 1: Cast Your Rod on The Perfect Ground

When it comes to pier fishing, the topography you choose matters a lot. You will have
three choices. You can fish from the clean, mixed or rough ground. Each of type
of ground does have its advantages. Casting a rod on a clear ground allows you
to try out as many techniques as possible. Here you can catch some dogfish,
rays, and cod.

In the mixed ground, you can catch a variety of fish. But there will be a few obstacles such
as weeds and rocks. On the other hand, fishing on a rough ground requires you
to use a systematic approach such as spinning and float fishing. This will
ensure you don’t lose your gear.

Step 2: Use Bait, Spinning or Float Fishing

Before you cast a fishing road off the pier, you should consider which type of bait you
should use. Bait fishing is more common in piers. It increases your chance of
catching something this is because the number of fishers is usually high during
prime seasons. However, you can use spinning and float fishing when fishing in
mixed or rough grounds. The two reduce the chances of losing your fishing gear.

Step 3: Go Fishing at The Appropriate Time

Despite the difference in tides among various locations, visiting the pier during prime
time gives you an upper hand at catching more fish. It is best if you go
fishing at either dusk or dawn. During a strong tide, you can have a productive
fishing experience. You should, however, be mindful of the weather. During
summer, you can also catch lots of fish when the water is high enough. You
should, however, be aware of the big crowds of people. It can scare away the

Step 4: Going Further into The Pier isn’t Always Best

Immediately when you arrive at the pier, carefully analyze the environment and choose the
perfect spot to cast your fishing rod. Many people opt to go further into the
pier. They assume that there, they will find more fish. However, when choosing
a fishing spot, always consider the type of ground before you cast your fishing
rod. You will always be surprised at how close fish will come to the pier. The
idea is to cast your rod away from crowded spots.

If you have always wanted to know how to cast a fishing rod off a pier, make sure you use
the above tips and techniques. As you carry your casting rod, don’t forget to
bring a tackle box. At times you could get really lucky and end up catching
lots of fish. Ensure that you also observe safety rules when fishing off a pier
and have a good time.

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