Daiwa BG Spinning Reels Review

Many fishing enthusiasts agree Daiwa BG Spinning Reels have been revolutionary since their
introduction in 2016. The company, Daiwa, is known for making the best spinning
reels and the technology behind this spinning reel proves its authenticity. The
models for this spinning reel are about 10 ranging from 1500 to 8000. It means
you can select your preferred model depending on your fishing needs and the
size of fish you intend to capture. There are many reasons to select this
spinning reel over the average spinning real. However, before exploring these
reasons let us look at the product’s main features.


• Carbon ATD Drag System

—Drag is an important aspect of any spinning reel. For this device,
its drag system comprises a crosscut carbon fiber washer. Its purpose is to
provide you with a smooth drag when you set the hook. You also may notice that
by using a spinning reel with an ATD drag system, there is less motion compared
to using the standard spinning reel.

• Black Anodized Machined Aluminum Housing

—I once used a spinning reel with aluminum
painting and the experience was horrible. The anodized aluminum housing found
in the Daiwa reels will stand up to various element better compared to the
standard painted aluminum reel. It is because the Daiwa reel can last longer,
because it is resistant to corrosion than most traditional reels.

• Solid Screw-in Handle

—Where some traditional spinning reels designers will use a
through handle design, Daiwa opts for a screw-in handle. You will experience a
solid feel when cranking the Daiwa BG Spinning Reels handle because a screw-in
handle offers zero play between the main gear and the handle arm.

• Digigear is over-sized

—You may probably wonder why we need an oversized digigear on a
spinning reel. Upon using Daiwa’s reel, I realized the oversized digigear
allows more teeth to be in contact. This way, you will experience a smooth
retrieve. Also, the life of the reel will be longer than the standard spinning
reel since it allows little stress on the teeth. The oversized digigear was an
ingenious design as it increases torque; hence, more power when you are
retrieving a massive fish.

• Dynamic Cut Aluminum ABS Spool

—castability is very important and to have a great one
your fishing line will require evenly flowing on and off the spoon. The
aluminum spool of the Daiwa spinning reel allows a smooth line loading to the
edge of the lip of the spool. When using this spinning reel, its efficiency
makes it difficult to experience memory twists on the line and you may not
experience wind knots.

Why use the Daiwa BG Spinning Reels

1. It has a better line management

Believe me when I tell you Daiwa’s spinning reel is nothing but the best. I have tested
its capacity in many approaches such as fishing with the braid, braid combined
with a fluoro leader, and fluorocarbon and they have performed to satisfaction
on its reel. Also, I like how the line will lie on the spinning reel which if
you may have noticed is equally significant as sliding off the reel on the
cast. They allow casting greater distances; however, there will be limited wind
knots and loops in their days of use. I must admit that the spool design was a
great job by Daiwa and it has made fishing more enthusiastic. Moreover, its
super fluid with the construction of the Air Rotor casts really well.

2. Sturdy and comfortable for use

It is difficult to explain how one feels when using Daiwa’s spinning reel. You should
get one and experience it personally for it is solid and increases your
confidence. Despite the company providing us with various model, any of these
models is superb. For example, I used 1500 size spinning reel, and it performed
almost equally to the larger reel and it was not heavy in my hand. The heavy
duty paddle on the handle gives you ultimate power to manage different fish

3. It is an excellent construction

Daiwa lists the spinning reel under reels for saltwater, which may seem limiting to
specific bass anglers. However, it is not really the case as it could be used
in fresh water. They have a high demand among bass anglers; hence, if you want
one, you better hurry and make an order. The technology incorporated on the
Daiwa reels has provided it with the flexibility to fit fresh and salty water
giving it a great value. The aluminum body, dynamic cut ABS spool, waterproof
drags system, machined aluminum screw-in handle the Digigear System and the
waterproof drag system make it a smooth and tough reel for any saltwater or
freshwater angler.

4. The drag is remarkable

The looks and detailing on this spinning reel make it attractive. Moreover, it is not all
about looks as it means business. Its drag system is waterproof. When
struggling with your catch you will have it smooth and easily adjust with
minimal corrections. When allowing a drag on this spinning reel, you will not
be doubtful of its capability; hence, you have hooked into a good fish, you can
remain calm and maintain the fight.

5. It has a stable roller and pick up

The Daiwa reel has a larger roller with a pickup on the bail that assists in the line’s
alleviation twist and looping. I loved this spinning real because there were
zero issues with its line management fishing. Everything about it from the
shaky heads, drop shots, small swim baits, jerk baits works great on the
spinning reel. Also, the bail will open easily and lock in solid on the hook
sets. I lean into deep-water fish that makes anyone flex in bails. In most
cases, they will loosen on you. It does not happen on the Daiwa reel as its
roller remains solid throughout.

There could be more reasons to use this spinning reel and perhaps there could be
alternatives in the market. However, speaking from experience I would recommend
the Daiwa BG Spinning Reels to any angler.

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