Best Yellow Fin Tuna Reels Review

There are various reels with different sizes and
performance in the market. However, when it comes to fishing Yellow fin tuna,
you should have a reel that can fight the tuna while still in the water. The
best Yellow fin tuna reel should be robust, durable, and it should give you
control over your bait. There are very few reels in the market that meet these
qualifications, making them unreliable for fishing out the Yellowfin tuna. In
this article, we will discuss on the best four reels for fishing the Yellow fin

Penn International VI Single Speed Fishing Reel

Penn international offers some fantastic reels, but this
drag reel 12V is the best deal. This is an incredible reel and it is ideal tuna
fishing, and it is the Penn international company flagship. This reel features
a golden color, and it works wonders in catching Yellow fin tuna. This reel is
suitable for big tuna since it is ergonomically designed and outlined with a
piece of an aluminum frame which is very powerful and light in weight. This
Yellowfin tuna reel features a ratchet lever that helps in preventing drag
creep that is often due to hours of vibration. A gearing system made of
stainless steel is featured in this reel and it is fortified with four
stainless steel bearing ball of aircraft-grade for a perfect smooth
performance. The Dura-Drag system helps in eliminating hesitations even when
under harsh drag settings. When it comes to capacity, this reel has an
incredible line capacity that measures approximately 525 to 1425 yards in
accordance to your line. When looking for a cutting-edge Yellow fin tuna reels
in the market then this Yellowfin tuna reel is the perfect choice for you.


  • The Penn international V lever drag reel 12v
    features a full aluminum frame and side plates.
  • This reel features stainless steel gear making
    it ideal for fishing Yellow fin tuna in saltwater.
  • This reel features an incredible Dura-Drag
    system as well as push to turn the reset knob.
  • The steel baring of this reel is an
    aircraft-grade, and it is stainless.
  • A ratcheted lever is present, which helps in
    preventing drag creep that is often caused vibration and hours of trolling.


  • After using the reel for a couple of times, its
    speed starts to drop.

SHIMANO Tiagra Reels

When it comes to offshore fishing, no one usually do it
better than Shimano Tiagra big game fishing reels. This is one of the finest
Yellow fin tuna reels as described by pro anglers, as well as, boat captains.
This reel features an incredible performance against all kind of tuna from the
toughest to the heaviest. This is a total reel of beauty; it features a
seamless two-speed gearing system. Moreover, this reel has fantastic drag
adjustments with a line capability which often seems endless. Various anglers
have described this Yellowfin tuna reel as being constructed like a tank due to
its durability and ruggedness. This Yellowfin tuna reel is designed to be
long-lasting, which makes it perfect for fishing in long ranges. In addition to
being apparently unstoppable, this tuna reel is very easy to operate. You will
definitely fall in love with this reel capability to shift speed fast, making
it one of the best Yellowfin tuna reels for live bait and trolling
applications. This reel features an incredible combination of toughness,
experts’ craftsmanship and an advanced technology which indicates the way.
Yellowfin tuna reel will work perfectly for every offshore battle, and it will
never disappoint you at any moment.


  • The Shimano Tiagra, big game fishing reels,
    features two-speed gears which help in improving the shifting mechanism of this
  • This Yellowfin tuna reel features cold-forged
    aluminum for maximum strength. This feature is ideal when it comes to fishing
    for the Yellowfin tuna.
  • This reel features a waterproof drag whereby it
    is protected by special gaskets, hence improving its performance.
  • When it comes to rust, this tuna reel features
    an anti-rust design making it capable of withstanding corrosion or oxidization
    of the bearings.
  • This reel is resistant to impact, and it
    eliminates flexing due to its incredible body design made from high rigidity
    magnesium or aluminum.


  • Due to its durability, the Shimano Tiagra big
    game fishing reels are ideal for fishing in saltwater.
  • It features an incredible speed performance due
    to the presence of double gear. This makes it great for fishing the Yellow fin
  • The waterproof drag helps in preventing any
    intrusion of water hence assuring you a consistent drag performance.
  • Clicker system installed in this reel works
    perfectly in increasing the tension on free spool and activities. Once there is
    a bite, the alarm system goes off.


  • The Shimano Tiagra, big game fishing reels, is
    quite expensive.

SHIMANO Stella SWB Saltwater Spinning Reels

Shimano Stella SWB is often known as the Cadillac of the
deep waters fishing. When it comes to performance and consistency, there are few
reels that has ever come near to Shimano Stella SWB. What makes this Yellowfin
tuna reel different from the rest is how persistent it is when on water. Its
extra tough drag boosts smoothness intensely as it maintains its control and
durability. This feature allows you to relax when the giant Yellow fin tuna
peels of the line. Even if you are hooked to the tuna for hours, the
availability of superior drag on this reel will help you to keep fighting until
it ensures that the tuna is on the vessel. This reel is meant for the big game
fishers. This is one of the best Yellowfin tuna reels when it comes to fighting
big tuna out there. This reel is available in various sizes stretching from
5,000 to 30,000, as well as it comes with one or additional of the three
gearing ratios. If you are a novice or a professional angler when it comes to
Yellowfin tuna fishing, you should always have the correct equipment for your
job. Shimano Stella SWB is the right tool for you since it never disappoints
when it comes to fishing out the Yellowfin tuna. This reel is designed for
extreme fishing since it has a very stiff reel body which makes it impact
resistant. When it comes to boosting the angler’s actions, this reel does it
perfectly as basically eliminates any chances of body flexing.


  • Tough body. The Shimano Stella SWB features
    durable saltwater spinning reel design.
  • Smooth gearing. This reel features smooth
    gearing due to a wonderful bearing system installed in the reel.
  • Different size options. This features various
    size options with the difference being in the gear ratio, drag, and the weight
    that they can sustain.
  • Ergonomic handle. This reel features a
    remarkable handle which is very unlikely to slip out.


  • The Shimano Stella SWB features an extremely
    durable design. Since it is made from metal and aluminum components, this reel
    works perfects when it comes to resisting impact and preventing body flexing.
  • This reel is one of the best Yellow fin tuna reels
    since its body lets you transfer power efficiently to the line.
  • The ability to resist water in this reel is
    incredible. This reel features a water-resistant coating and a water channeling
    labyrinth to protect the reel from the water.
  • The gear performance of this Yellowfin tuna reel
    is excellent. It features 14 bearing system which ensures smoothness while out
    there fishing.
  • Maintaining this reel is easy and inexpensive
    since it does not require any magnetic oil lubrication.


  • The Shimano Stella SWB is a bit expensive when
    you compare to other Yellow fin tuna reels.

Penn International VISX 2 Speed

The Penn international VISX2 speed is designed to provide
you with some fantastic speed since it features two-speed reel. The speed of
this reel makes among the best Yellow fin tuna reels in the market. As an
ergonomically created this reel has forged under the course of several
professional anglers and captains hence earning category of the gold standard
of the big tuna fishing reel. This Yellow fin tuna reel is fully machined with
an aluminum body and side plate for maximum rigidity as well as durability. This
reel features an ergonomically designed handle which fits perfectly into your
hand. Furthermore, this reel features a shift button that controls the
two-speed system; hence, the transition from low gear to high gear is seamless.
When it comes to fishing for Yellow fin tuna, this reel is known for performing
miracles due to its powerful Dura-Drag and smooth system. This system makes it
easy to fish heavy load as well as maintaining steady control as you adapt to
the prey’s movement.


  • The Penn international VISX2 speed features
    anodized aluminum and machined body and side plates which makes it very strong
    and durable.
  • Since this reel is designed for speed, and it is
    featured with stainless steel pinion and primary gears.
  • Quick shift with two different speed system.
  • Dura-Drag system.
  • Great line capacity ring.
  • In this reel, there is the double-dog ratchet
    anti-reverse system making it easy to pull your tuna into the boat.


  • The Penn international VISX2 speed is strong and
    durable due to its fantastic body built from anodized aluminum.
  • Fishing has become more comfortable with this
    tuna fishing reel due to its anti-reverse mechanism hence letting go of a bait
    becomes hard.
  • With this reel, you have maximum control of your
  • This tuna reel has a fabulous shift button that
    controls two different gears for maximum speed and excellent stability.


  • Taking care of the Penn international VISX 2
    speed magnetic oil sealing system can be difficult.


In recent years fishing for Yellow fin tuna has become popular. Before purchasing any Yellow fin tuna reel, you should always consider the durability of the reel. Always buy reels that are water resistant since this will increase its longevity and prevent it from rusting due to the salty water. Due to the tuna’s speed and strength, having a reel that has incredible speed and stability is often vital when it comes to fishing for tuna. Speed and stability will increase your chances of casting the bait. Before buying a reel, it is essential to check on the maximum load capacity. The load capacity will determine the size of Yellow fin tuna you can catch and bring on to the boat. Using reels with the anti-reverse system makes it difficult for your Yellow fin tuna to escape.

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