How to make chum for Yellow fin tuna

Yellow fin tuna are the most common fish caught in an offshore game, and they are mainly found in places with warm waters. Yellow fin tuna often stay together in a gigantic school, and you will often see them breaking the water surface while chasing the bait. The Yellow fin tuna is well known for eating different things including mackerel, sardines as well as squid while used as bait. When keyed into tiny bait, catching Yellowfin tuna will be very difficult. Chumming is an act of suspending some form of ground bait, cut bait, or even the use of scented liquid to attract fish. Chumming is well known to be very effective.

Places for fishing for Yellow fin tuna

Before going fishing for Yellow fin tuna, it is vital to know places where they are found in plenty. In the southern part of Louisiana,the Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi River drains its waters into the Atlantic Ocean. When fresh water from Mississippi river mixes with the saltwater of the Atlantic Ocean, it creates nutrient-dense water that supports and promotes a vibrant fish population. The high numbers of Yellow fin tuna are the main reason as to why many people visit Louisiana. Furthermore, in Louisiana, you will be able to learn and sharpen your chumming strategies. In North America, Venice is the best place to fish for Yellow fin tuna; therefore, every trip you make there is a learning experience.

Chumming for Yellow fin tuna

When it comes to chumming for Yellow fin tuna, you should always know the ideal bait to use as well as the baiting strategies. Some perfect fish to use as for chumming Yellow fin tuna include;

  • Sardines
  • Mackerel
  • Butterfish
  • Squid

Often inexperienced fishers wonder on the amount of chum to use when fishing for Yellow fin tuna as well as how to make chum for Yellow fin tuna. Tuna has become expensive, make the most of the bait by using an affordable fish, such as sardines, when fishing for them. When using sardines’ bait for Yellow fin tuna, you should always put in mind the number of sardines you will use for fishing. When you are out there chumming for Yellow fin tuna, you should consider using trawl boats since some big fish follow these boats. The best part of using trawlers for fishing Yellow fin tuna is that you will be able to throw over your bait easily. You might end up having a by-catch to help you in chumming for Yellow fin tuna. The by-catch usually consists of big baits;therefore, you need to know on how you can use these baits to your benefit.Chumming for Yellow fin tuna does not require bigger tackle since the Yellow fin tuna are big and very aggressive.

Making chum for Yellow fin tuna

The most effective method when making a chum for Yellow fin tuna is using sardines. When using a sardine, you should make sure that the head or the stomach is cut to prevent the bait from sinking. If you fail to cut the sardine, the air bubbles inside their body will force the lure to sink deep down. The best chum to use consists of various sizes of sardines. You will have to cut them in half or into three or four different parts depending on the sizeof your sardine. Once you have cut your sardine, you will throw it into the water where you will be fishing. Once the sardine is far from your boat, you will start to throw chum into the water. On occasion of an all-day fishing trip that might last between 8 to 9 hours, you will require to have 8 to 12 boxes for a big box of chum. With these high numbers of boxes, you will increase your chances of having satisfying results. When fishing for half a day during the fishing season, it is recommended to use 4 to 5 boxes.


When you are out there fishing for Yellow fin tuna, you should stop when you see whales. This is because there are plenty of fish nearby, and this indicates that Yellow fin tuna is probably around as well. You should always cut plenty of chunks, and you should keep going steadily. Failure to toss your chunks while fishing is one of the common mistakes made by anglers. Once you stop tossing your piece into the water, the school of yellow fin tuna will swim away. Therefore, keeping a steady flow going is vital,and you will end up holding the school of yellow fin tuna right next to your boat. Remember to keep clickers on when chunking, or else, when a Yellow fin tuna strikes it usually backlashes the reel. Furthermore, never set circular hooks instead, slowly drag the line as the tuna draws the line tight.

Chumming is the most vital fishing technique when it comes to drifting. When you do chum correctly, it represents the fundamentals in which your day-to-day fishing scheme can be developed. When you lack essential prerequisite, your chances of catching the Yellow fin tuna are considerably reduced if not spontaneous. Before casting your chum, you should always consider the direction of the water and the amount of chum you will need during fishing. As for the course of the water, there are some few precautions you will need to consider, especially when fishing at anchor. The flow of the water and its speed are among the vital things you will have to consider before fishing. You can test this by tossing a sardine while whole, then observe its sinking speed and movement.

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