Yellow Fin Tuna Recipes

Yellowfin tuna is one of the most sought-after fish in the
market. Not only is it tasty, but it does have lots of health benefits. Are you
looking to include it in your diet? Well, instead of cooking the same old
recipe that you are accustomed to. Why don’t you switch things up with these
fascinating yellowfin tuna recipes? We have practically combined all types of
recipes for you. Whether you love your yellowfin tuna grilled, fried or
roasted. By the end of this article, you will have to gather and store as many
yellow fin tuna as you can in your fridge. Note that, in coming up with the
recipes below. We highly considered not only popularity but the taste as well
as nutritional value.

1.    The Grilled Yellow Fin Tuna with Marinade

The marinade can be used with most fish species. However, it is tastier when
used to prepare a yellowfin tuna recipe. This is one of the most popular
yellowfin tuna recipes out there. It can be served with rice or mash potatoes.
This recipe can be ready in at least 1 hour. It’s the perfect dinner meal for
couples, family, and friends.

The Ingredients

•    At least 4 (six-ounce) yellowfin
tuna steaks

•    100ml of soy sauce

•    200ml vegetable oil

•    A ½ cup of lemon juice

•    Mustard, preferably Dijon

•    Crushed clove garlic

•    For garnish purposes, you can use

The Preparation 

i.You will have to gather the ingredients above. Fortunately, they can be found
in most grocery stores.

ii.With a fork, you should prick the tuna steaks and then place them in a bowl.
It should be deep enough to accommodate the other ingredients.

iii.  Create a mixture of the soy sauce,
mustard, garlic, whisk oil and lemon peel in a separate bowl. You should then
evenly pour the mixture over the yellowfin tuna. Proceed to refrigerate it for
an hour or two.

iv. Preheat your grill and grate it with oil.

v.  From the marinade mixture, remove the
tuna once it is free from moisture.

vi.  You can then boil the marinade. Once
it’s ready, reduce the heat and cook it at a simmer for around ten minutes.

vii. In the preheated grill, cook your tuna until it’s cooked through. Allowing
each side to be cooked for at least 5 minutes is enough. Once ready, you can
apply the marinade on your cooked tuna and serve it alongside lemon wedges.

2. Pan-Seared Yellow Fin Tuna

You have probably heard that yellowfin tuna, popularly known as ahi tuna tastes
better when it’s raw. According to the Japanese culture, tuna is always served
raw, and the folks there really love it. However, for most of us, the idea of
eating raw fish is a bit scary. Therefore, you should learn to prepare
pan-seared yellowfin tuna. It leaves behind a slightly crisp crust on the
outside, yet the inside remains half cooked. Serving it alongside a salad or a
dripping sauce makes it one of the tastiest recipes. When pan-searing yellowfin
tuna, it is advisable not to overcrowd the pan. Ensure there is enough spacing
in between them.

The Ingredients

•    You will need some yellowfin tuna;
the number of ounces will depend on the number of guests. 4 (six ounces) tuna
is enough for two or three people.

•    Olive oil

•    Pepper

•    Saucepan

•    Some spices of your choice

•    A cutting board

•    Coriander

•    Chili powder

•    Salt

The Preparation

i. You should begin by seasoning the yellowfin tuna with salt and pepper. You
can also use any spices that you prefer. In this case, we will add coriander
and chili powder.

ii. Place the saucepan on a stovetop after coating it with some olive oil.

iii. Immediately the oil is fully heated. You can add the tuna steaks and cook
it for at least 2 minutes on each side. This will guarantee a medium to rare
cook. If raw yellowfin tuna isn’t your thing, then you can extend the cooking
duration to 6 or 7 minutes. As you do this, be keen not to over-brown the
outside of your tuna.

iv. Once the tuna is cooked, remove it from the saucepan and place it on the
cutting board. Slice the tuna as per your number of guests.

3.    Yellow Fin Tuna with Grilled Pineapple Salsa

When pineapple was once used as an ingredient in Pizza, most people approached
it with skepticism. However, today the Hawaiian Pizza flavor is probably the
most popular in all pizza joints. If pineapple worked on pizza, what’s stopping
it from adding flavor to yellowfin tuna? This is one of the most praised
recipes in different 5-star restaurants. You too can enjoy the mouthwatering
delicacy from the comfort of your home thanks to our yellowfin tuna recipes.

The Ingredients

•    A full pineapple cut into ½ thick rounds

•    A ½ cup of olive oil

•    Chopped red onion

•    Red bell pepper

•    Lime juice

•    Salt

•    A tablespoon of your favorite seasoning

•    Minced garlic

The Preparation

i. You will need to pre-hit your grill to a medium-high.

ii. This should be followed by brushing of the pineapple slices with olive oil
and cooking them on the grill till they turn soft. When cooked, they should be
removed and allowed to cool to room temperature.

iii. Start to prepare the salsa by adding the sliced onions to a bowl. Then add
other ingredients such as red onion, lime juice, minced garlic to the mixture.
Stir gently and drizzle it with olive oil.

iv. Season the salsa with salt, and it will be ready.

v. Brush the tuna steaks with olive oil and season it with the salt.

vi. Grill the yellowfin tuna steaks for 6 minutes while rotating them and
allowing each side to cook evenly.

vii. Once it is thoroughly cooked, remove the tuna from the oven and allow it
to rest for a while before you serve it.

Final Thoughts

With these best yellowfin tuna recipes, you will never run out of ideas on what
to cook during family dinners, birthdays, and other special events.
Additionally, if you have a thing for yellowfin tuna, these recipes ensure that
you never get bored with one recipe. Try out all of them and find out which one
satisfies you the most. 


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