Top Five Salmon Rods

If you are new to outdoor activities, a great, non-expensive activity
can be salmon fishing. If you are an avid salmon fisherman, looking for a
new rod, then continue reading to find the best salmon fishing rods.

What To Look For In A Salmon Fishing Rod

One of the most important aspects of fishing is choosing the right salmon fishing rod for
you and your environment. There are many factors that you should consider while
you are deciding the best salmon fishing rod for your needs. These factors
include: your comfort, your price range, your fishing methods and lastly where
you will be fishing. The next thing you should consider would be the type of
fishing rod you want to use. There are several types: spinning rods, trolling
rods, bait casting rods, saltwater rods, and fly-fishing rods.

If you are an angler, the best rod for you to use would be a spinning rod. If you have the
right spinning reel paired with your rod, then that will make your fishing that
much easier. Spinning rods are best used by beginner fishermen, because they
are one of the easiest fishing rods to cast yet are completely effective
against feisty salmon that want to fight.

Trolling rods are best used in saltwater or freshwater environments. These rods are
tough and built to be very durable, as they are used in conjunction with heavy
tackle and associated fishing equipment–so the rods can endure extreme
pressure and tension. Trolling rods are for experienced fishermen. Salmon bait
casting rods contain a reel and a rod, so this rod should be mainly used by
extremely advanced and knowledgeable fishermen. While this rod and reel combo
are prone to backlash, the reel is lighter than the usual design and are great
to use.

Fly fishing rods are rods that should be used depending on if you want to catch a larger
than normal sized salmon. These rods are usually between 9’ and 10’, but you
can get away with using an 8’ rod as a “catch all” rod, while a 7’ rod would be
used to catch salmon that are under 20 pounds. A 9’ fly fishing rod would be
used for the absolute biggest salmon, well over 25 pounds. Lastly, saltwater
spinning rods are built to endure the heavy and fast rush of saltwater fishing
environments, and so they are built to be tough and durable in extreme
circumstances and pressure.

The next thing you want to do is choose the right size, composition, and weight of your fishing rod. Regarding weight, if you can choose a very light, the lightest rod you can comfortable use, that would be best. You should also test out rods for you comfort and ease of use. If you are not comfortable holding the rod for more than a few minutes, then you should not buy it. Make sure it fits well and is perfectly balanced while you are holding it. The length is also very important. Length is very dependent on what kind of salmon fishing that you intend on doing. However, most salmon fishermen use 8’ to 10’ length rods, especially when they want to catch bigger salmon. Make sure to examine the butt section, and check to see if it is from 6 to 12 inches long. However, you will need to hold it up to yourself and test the length, as most fishermen hold it to their abdomen. If it’s too long, then your arms will get tired too easily as they will have to hold it up. If you choose one that’s too short, then it will not settle into rod mount correctly either. Lastly, what your fishing rods are made of is also important. Generally, they are made of lightweight materials like fiberglass or graphite, or both materials, so that the rod is both lightweight, flexible, and strong. Essentially, these rods are built to handle a lengthy battle with a fighting salmon, not for their casting.

Best Five Salmon Rods

UglyStik Elite Spinning Fishing Rod

Key Features

Comes in a wide variety of range in sizes, from 4’6” (ultra-light) to 7’6” (medium). 17
individual sizes. Sizes include ultra-light, light, medium heavy, medium, and
medium light. This rod is made of graphite to ensure it is lightweight, and
extra sensitive to passing salmon. Its handle is made of cork for enhanced
comfort on long fishing trips. The guide is made from stainless steel, for
increased strength and durability, as well as eliminating any pop-out inserts.

Why We Like It

This is the best salmon fishing rod to be used by fishermen at all levels of experience.
This design has 35% more graphite included, to make the rod even more
lightweight, while also strong and durable enough to withstand hours of
fishing. The cork handle ensures you will be comfortable enough to hold the rod
for many hours, if needed. The rod also contains a Clear Tip design, which
enhances sensitivity of the rod, ensuring that you will feel even the slightest
nibble of a salmon, while versatile enough to be used with your favorite kind
of line, no matter what material it is made from. However, it cannot be used
with braided line. The stainless-steel guide ensures that you will not have to
insert any pop outs, and contains blank style reel seats and steel hoods that
make sure that your reel stays firmly in place. This is one of the most
affordable rods available.

Ugly Stik USCA662MH Casting Rod

Key Features

This rod comes in several sizes, ranging from 5’6” to 6’ to 6’6” to 7’, in medium and
medium heavy. The configurations include 1pc, 1pc (12-20 pounds), and 2pcs. This
is a lightweight, but durable rod, that is made of graphite and fiberglass.
This allows for more sensitivity in the water. Guides have been redesigned to
increase and provide the maximum strength and durability. Rod is a single,
durable piece. It is between 8 and 20 pounds, with an EVA handle. Lure weight
is between ¼ to ¾ ounces.

Why We Like It

This is an extremely lightweight, sensitive rod that is perfect for experienced fishermen,
especially those who just want to go out for a leisurely fishing trip. The
guide and the reel seat have been redesigned into a more durable and
comfortable design. This rod can handle heavy drag and is perfect for beginner
fisherman that are more prone to snagging their line on rocks or tree roots in
the water, as well as for the experienced fisherman wanting to catch that 20-pound
catfish. This is one of the best salmon fishing rods for anyone wanting to get
out there and go fishing. The graphite and fiberglass ensure that this rod will
not break under anything but the harshest circumstances. This rod is especially
great because it can be paired with any reel–spincaster, spin, fly, underspin,
baitcaster–it doesn’t matter, this will work perfectly every time. It is the
“every man” rod that every fisherman needs.

Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod

Key Features

This rod ranges in several sizes, from 4’6” to 9’. The range sizes also include ultra-light,
light, heavy, medium, and medium heavy. The pcs range from 1pcs to 4pcs. This
rod is composed of graphite and fiberglass, which has strengthened the overall
design. Like all UglyStik rods, the guides are made all out of one piece,
composed entirely of stainless steel. The improved Clear Tip design has
increased sensitivity and strength, making it easier to fish with. EVA grips
are made from durable and lightweight material for comfort and ease of use.

Why We Like It

The UglyStik GX2 Spinning Rod is a redesigned version of the original UglyStik rod, combined
with enhanced strength, durability, and sensitivity of new technologies. This
spinning rod is not only lighter than its original design but is also a lot
more sensitive due to the redesign of several component parts. This is a
“combination” rod; it contains two parts. Generally, this rod can hold between
6 and 20 pounds of drag and pressure, however it depends on which size rod you
buy. If you want to handle larger fish, then you will need to buy a heavier rod
e.g. a medium or medium heavy rod. Do not use braided line on this, as it will
destroy the line, but otherwise you can use any kind of line you want. It is
not as sensitive as purely graphite rods, but with the graphite and fiberglass
composition, you can be a lot rougher on it, so this fishing rod for those who
want to throw their rod in the back of the truck on a camping trip, or will
have to hike a long distance to get to their favorite fishing spot.

Wakeman Swarm Series Spinning Rod and Reel Combo

Key Features

This rod comes in several different colors including, blackout black matte, blue
metallic, green metallic, and rose pink. This rod is available in one size (20)
and is already pre spooled with 65 yards of monofilament line that weighs 6
pounds. The handle is made from EVA foam that is split for comfort. The rod
itself is made of fiberglass and contains a single ball bearing drive. It is a
combo rod, being 65 inches long in total. The reel itself is 5 inches wide and
5 inches tall

Why We Like It

This rod is limited in design and length; it comes in a variety of colors that you can
choose from, but you cannot choose the size, as that has already been
predetermined. It should not be used in saltwater, as it is a rather
lightweight rod (composed of fiberglass). You can use it to comfortably catch 5-pound
salmon, as well as use it for inland fishing. Overall, this is a very thin and
lightweight fishing rod that is slightly bigger than many children’s fishing
rods you would generally find.

KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods

Key Features

This rod is available in many different designs, starting with twin tips, spinning, and
casting. Of these designs, there are several sizes available, ranging from ultra-light,
medium, medium heavy, medium light, and heavy. This rod design comes in either
one part or two part, depending on which design you buy. No matter which rod
design you buy, the rod is made of carbon fiber. Reel seats are made of
graphite, and the spinning and baitcasting rods are made from carbon fiber for
a durable, yet sensitive design. Comes with a high-density EVA grip

Why We Like It

This is one of the best salmon fishing rods to use, bar none. If you are an experienced
fisherman, used to using all kinds of line and reels or fish in vastly
different environments regularly, then this is the rod for you. Each component
is made of either carbon fiber or graphite, for not only enhanced durability
and strength but also comfort. It can be used in saltwater and freshwater
fishing environments and can be used to catch even the largest salmon you

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