Best fishing reels for salmon

Everyone in the world loves the taste of freshly fished salmon due to the tenderness of the
flesh and aroma that comes along with the meat. However, the practice of
catching the fish is a much more fun thing to do. There is a lot of
satisfaction that comes from eating salmon that you have caught by yourself.
For this reason, there are new and advanced tools made just for the art of
catching this fish. Salmon have the history of being one of the hardest fish to
catch since it gives a very tough fight, which makes the salmon delicacy more
fulfilling and enjoyable. The tools that have been made for fishing salmon are
a reel, rod, and sometimes a line. This article points out the best four
fishing reels for salmon to enable you to catch your salmon and enjoy.

1. Piscifun Stone Saltwater Spinning Reel

Most salmon anglers in the world have recommended the Piscifun stone saltwater-spinning
reel. It is made of high-quality material, which makes it durable. For the
manufacturers of this reel to ensure that they make a durable product, they
applied Nano anti-corrosion technology, which is proven by the presence of an
aluminum spool, rotor and sealed drag shield water and sand on the reel. There
is no way that you will find salt particles or sand stuck in the chamber making
it inefficient. Some salmon anglers have described it as being quite hard when
they compare it to a stone from the Rocky Mountains. Its main body is built
with items such as aluminum rotor, CNC machined aluminum spool, and the zero-flex
aluminum cover. This reel is made up of ten shielded stainless-steel bearings,
which are arranged alongside fully shielded anti-corrosion drag system, which
makes the reel quite smooth.

Piscifun stone is made up of three drag washers which have been built from carbon fiber
ensures the weight of the spinning reel is maintained at medium. For this
reason, there is a smooth drag engagement without choppy action that you can
fine tune for finesse fishing as a result of these advanced features. In
addition to this, components such as brass gears, well-refined carbon drag
system, and the reinforced stainless main shaft are well connected. We can
guarantee you that this reel gives you value for your money since it is durable
and highly efficient.

Advantages of Piscifun stone saltwater spinning reel

• It is made up of 10 ball bearings, which are extremely smooth.

• You will get satisfaction from this tool since you find value for money from it.

• There is a great amount of drag

• It is fully corrosion resistant and water sealed mechanism.

• These tools are extremely lightweight.

• Made up of 3-drag washer.

2. Okuma Light Weight High Speed Spinning Reel (HS-40X)

This fishing reel is of Chinese origin and is well known for its efficiency in fishing all
kinds of fish, which has seen to it that its popularity has grown tremendously
among anglers over the years. It has been proven to be quite efficient in both
salty water and fresh waters and there is no need for you to worry about salt
particles making the reel less efficient. Given the Okuma lightweight high-speed
spinning reel is of high quality, the same is projected to its price. This reel
is not affordable to many people. If you can acquire it, it would be best if
you settle for this fishing reel for salmon and you can understand the quality
you have. This fishing reel is very light which is contributed to by the C-40X
carbon, which is a long strand of carbon fiber technology. Its overall
construction is made up of premium quality carbon fiber. The overall
construction is inclusive of the rotor, frame, and side plate. Its Helios side
plated, handle arm and drag knob features Okuma 1K carbon fibers inserts. Prior
research on the application of carbon fiber, fiberglass, or graphite has shown
the use of carbon fiber is by far the best compared to graphite and fiberglass.
Okuma high-speed reels and Helios spinning reels are up to 25% lighter and 50%
stronger than standard graphite framed reels. In addition to this, its
performance is also elevated by 50% compared to all the other reels.

The Okuma Helios offers multi-disc carbonate drag system to fight tough fish like salmon
since they exert the right amount of pressure. These reels are made up of 9HPB
+ 1RB corrosion resistant stainless-steel ball bearings, which you can actually
feel with your hands the smoothness they give the reels. This reel is ideal for
beginners and veteran salt-water game fishing anglers since it offers a ratio
of 5:0:1. The reel having ultra-durability, its high power and lightness are
the three factors that contribute much to the reel being quite expensive.

Advantages of Okuma light weight high speed spinning reel

• It is very light.

• It is made up of 10 stainless ball bearings, which make the reel quite smooth.

• It has a powerful drag system.

• This reel has an impressive performance due to its high speed.

• It is a carbon fiber construction, which makes it 25% lighter and 50% stronger that
other reels.


• It is quite expensive compare to the other salmon fishing reels.

3. Okuma Helios Lightweight Spinning Reel (SX- series)

For those of you that were impressed by the Okuma HS-40X but cannot afford it, the worldwide
known lightweight spinning reel of Chinese origin have the Okuma Helios
Lightweight Spinning Reel which is affordable and works almost the same way the
HS-40X does. This reel has been designed in such a way that it is very
attractive to anglers at first sight. The Okuma SX series combine an advanced
design and C-40X long strand carbon fiber construction to deliver outstanding
handling to huge strength in both fresh and salty water fisheries. This reel is
very light, with the model HSX-20 having 6-0 Oz and the model HSX-40s is 9.1
oz. it is completely covered thus there is no chance of corrosion in the side
of the reel caused by salty water.

However, it is important to note that the low prices of this reel do not mean that it has
been compromised. It is made up of 9 stainless ball bearings which make it also
very smooth. There is no plastic used in the inside of the reel but rather a
precision machine cut brass pinion gear that increases the durability of the
reel. The unique thing about Okuma reels is they are the only ones with the
cyclonic flow rotor technology. This technology focuses on removing water from
the system and drying out the reel other than preventing water from entering
the reel. The shape of the rotor envelops the system in a circular airflow,
which ensures that the rotor system dries faster than a traditional design when
both are put into dry storage after a wet day of fishing. This reel is the
ideal illustration of a top salmon fishing reel for money.

Advantages of Okuma Helios Lightweight Spinning Reel

• It has 9 stainless steel ball bearings which ensure the reel is quite smooth

• It has a quick set anti-reverse with a machine cut brass pinion gear.

• The device has moderate amount of drag.

• Made up of carbon fiber construction which makes it admirably light.

• This tool is ideal for usage in both fresh and salty water fisheries.

4. Shimano Stradic HG spinning fishing reel

The Shimano Stradic HG is an upgraded version of the Shimano Stradic which was launched in
2015 with a drastic change in it. This reel originated from a visionary
Japanese known as Shozaburo Shimano. For over 80 years now, Shimano reels have
made a significant impact on the fishing industry building a culture of trust
among anglers. Shimano Stradic HG is made in Malaysia and is ideal for usage in
both fresh and saltwater.

Shimano Stradic HG spinning fishing reel is made up of premium quality aluminum and
graphite. Its manufacturers have been able to make it light, powerful, sleek,
and smooth which are desirable qualities when it comes to finding a fishing
reel. Shimano reels will provide you with durable, strong, and long-lasting performance.
They have a hagane gearing and hagane body technology, which is the main
contributor to these properties. The drag system of this reel is exceptional as
it is watertight and ensures a drag of 24 lbs. in addition it has a built-in
Dyna-balance rotor and fluid drive II system accompanied by Shimano’s
propulsion management system offers exceptional smoothness and casting
capabilities while mitigating line management issues. This reel is made up of 7
ball bearings which make it very smooth.

Advantages of the Shimano Stradic HG spinning fishing reel

• It is a light but powerful fishing reel

• This tool is made up of premium quality features.

• It gives you the freedom to fight with monster fish as a result of its strength.

• It is a good deal for the money.

• Has a Hagane gearing and Hagane body technology

• Made with 7 ball bearings that contribute much to its smoothness.

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