5 Best Bass Fishing Rods

Every good fisherman knows the rod that you
use when doing any kind of fishing is of the utmost importance. When bass
fishing, it is even more imperative that you have a good bass fishing rod. With
so many on the market, it can be an overwhelming decision. Here, we break down
the best bass fishing rods into two categories: Beginners and advanced. This is
not to say that a beginner can’t
start out with an advanced type pole, or vice versa. Bass fishing is an art and
to build your talent takes time. It is easier to start out with a simple, less
detailed rod and working your way up to a more advanced one.

What is bass fishing?

One of the most popular sports in America, bass fishing, is loved by many. These fish can
be found all over the country and they pose a challenge as they tend to be an
aggressive fish, this is especially so with the smallmouth bass. These fish can
range from 1 -20 lbs, so there is a size for even the littlest fisherman. With
practice, you can truly become a pro in no time. There are a variety of
different bait types (crankbaits, jerk baits, spinnerbaits, and buzz baits) in
addition to the rod types so know what you
will specifically need.

What do I look for?

The basic
formula is: Technique + Action + Power = Big Bass Fish. You will want to match
the rod’s action with your bait-specific technique. For instance, a mod-action rod with soft tip lets the
fish get the bait without yanking the lure out of its mouth. This would be a
tight line technique. The type of bait, the location of where you’ll be fishing
from, largemouth or smallmouth bass, these all factor into what type of rod you
will need.

Best Bass Fishing Rod for Beginners:

The experts recommend using different rod/reels according to your ability. As you get
better, you can always upgrade. Bass fishing does not need to be complicated,
but you want to learn to do it correctly. The following rods are a good choice
for those new to the bass fishing world.

Ugly Stik GX2

This spinning, fishing reel and rod combo, is absolutely perfect for beginners. 4’8”
rod with ultra-light power and fast action. One piece with graphite frame and
side plates. Four stainless steel ball bearings and one roller bearing ensure
reliable operation and effortless retrieve. It offers smooth drag for the
entirety of the drag range. For the price and quality, this is easily one of
the top bass fishing rods.


  • Durable: machined,
    anodized aluminum spool with oversized bail wire.
  • Increased reel life span thanks to compression bail springs.

  • Guaranteed smoother gear feel with 3
    ball bearings and one-way clutch.
  • Increased casting distance of lightweight lures.


  • Very few had various issues with shipping or defective pieces, however, most were more than satisfied with the
    customer service during replacement.

Abu Garcia Black Max

A baitcasting fishing rod and reel combo that is great for casual or beginner fishermen. It comes in multiple
power levels and lengths so there is one to suit everyone’s needs. With its
cutting edge features, this combo offers immeasurable durability, smooth drag,
and extreme sensitivity. The state of the art Magtrax brake system provides
great brake pressure which increases casting accuracy and range. Constructed of
lightweight graphite which makes it sturdy but not too heavy. An extreme
exposure reel seat helps improve line access while also amplifying the
sensitivity. The adjustable power drag system is specifically designed for hard
pulling game fish such as smallmouth bass.


  • Unbelievable sensitivity (will detect even the tiniest nibble).
  • Ergonomic bent handle and recessed reel foot.
  • Super smooth operating reel.
  • Duragear brass gear and stainless steel guides guarantee years and years of use.


  • One or two customers reported rod cracking and
    stuck line when casting, although it was unconfirmed if this was operator
    error. Majority of reviews are positive.

For Advanced bass fishermen:

Advanced fishermen or anglers well versed in the sport of catching all types of bass.
The following poles are aimed for the experienced bass fisherman although if
you are a newbie and have the confidence, go for it! They offer more control
and sensitivity than the ones that are designed and geared more for beginners.

Fenwick Elite Tech Bass Casting Rod

A top of the line casting rod, the Fenwick Elite is specifically designed for bass fishing.
It features an EVA and TAC cork handle with a solid, non-slippery grip. The
titanium frame is lightweight and sturdy. The single piece rod is 6’6”, and
offers both light, and ultralight, applications. It is medium power and fast
action. This rod is specially designed for bass fishing. It offers on point
accuracy and a warranty if you are not completely satisfied.


  • Well-built.
  • Made for bass fishing.
  • Accurate casting.
  • Lifetime warranty


  • A bit pricey, although I have found pretty good deals online. Either way, it is still well worth it.

KastKing Speed Demon Bass Fishing Rod

This a series of both spinning and casting rod models. No matter what you are looking
for, you’re sure to find it in one of these outstanding rods. Offering 11
technique specific lengths and actions. The spinning rod features Fuji LV
Guides, while the casting rod has Fuji LN Guides. Top of the line
craftsmanship. KastKing also backs up their products with a handy, peace of
mind warranty. The customer service is reportedly outstanding.


  • A rod for everyone, whether you are a casual fisherman or a
    skilled angler.
  • Durable and Built to last.
  • Warranty.
  • EVA Foregrip and fighting butt to aid in shock absorption.
  • SAF T Keeper hook holder.
  • Extraordinary hook setting and lifting power.


  • Eyelets are on the smallish side, and a few had complaints, however, most of these rods have smaller ones for a
    multitude of reasons.

Enigma High-Performance Titanium Pro Tournament
Series: Bass Fishing Rod

Well, we certainly saved the best for last. This is another series that offers an option for every
preference. Handcrafted with expert workmanship, the Enigma Bass Fishing Rods
were created and tested by professional anglers. If it’s good enough for the
likes of Aaron Martens, and Jesse Tacoronte than you most definitely will not
be disappointed! With a Portuguese cork handle and black rod blanks hand-rolled
with a black, green, and chrome finish, these rods are just as spectacular
looking as they are useful. Enigma offers high-end fishing equipment for half
of the cost of its competitors. They offer something for every fisherman,
whether you fish from the bank, dock, or boat, in freshwater, saltwater, fly, ice,
and deep sea fishing, these amazing rods have you covered. Why use anything else?


  • Ultra-light, blended, 30/40 ton Japanese Toray blanks for the
    best flexibility and control.
  • Customized and precision balanced.
  • Top technique specific performance.
  • Sensitivity from bait to hand is unbelievable.
  • Makes skipping, working topwater, and jerk baits incredibly easy.
  • Finely tuned actions for every need.
  • Tailored to exacting actions and specifications.


  • None that I could find. This is the highest rated rod for both price and quality.

What is the best way to use a bass fishing rod?

Trying to tell a fisherman how to fish, is like trying to tell your mother how to cook. Good
luck with that. However, there are some helpful tips that can help specifically with bass fishing. 

  • Know what you are fishing for. There are 5 types of bass;
    Largemouth, Smallmouth, Rock, Striped, and the Black Sea bass. Rod type and
    choice of bait will be dependent on the type of fish you are looking for.

  • Do your research. When you have decided from where you’ll be
    fishing, you can better decide what specific rod you’ll need.

  • Keep in mind, the most expensive does not
    equal the best.

Helpful Tips: 

  • Bass lives where they can find favorable temperatures, adequate oxygen, and ample cover.
  • The bass will get active when the forage gets active.
  • Water temps of 64 – 68 degrees F trigger spawning.
  • Lure size does not matter as much as technique. (Big lures catch little fish, small lures can catch big fish.)
  • Black Bass are scent hunters as well as visual hunters. Avoid wearing or carrying anything that has a strong smell.

(Cologne, bug spray, or any chemicals)

Whether you have just taken up bass fishing or are a seasoned pro, there is sure to be a
rod that is the perfect fit for you. Remember, finding the best bass fishing rod is only part of it, there really is
an art to this sport. If you have a passion for fishing and the drive to learn, there are many other articles
on our site to help you improve your skills. Whatever the end goal, you should
be having fun. This is a sport that takes time to be mastered. So don’t get
discouraged just kick back, relax, and happy fishing!

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