How to work a spinnerbait

If you like bass fishing you’ve come across spinner baits and wondered how to get the most
out of them. These baits are loved for their ability to work in different types
of water sources both shallow and deep. Although they are very effective in
catching bass, most people still struggle when it comes to how to work a
spinnerbait bait. They seem to be challenging to put together and fish easily,
especially by those who are still learning. Those challenges can be reduced
with the right steps such as the ones below.

Step 1

Learn how spinnerbait behave when placed in water. This will help you modify it to behave
the way you want it to in order to increase your chances of making a catch.
Bass usually go after a bait that looks weak or erratic. It is therefore
important that you make your spinnerbait adopt such behavior. This can be done
by playing around with your retrieve. Try throwing it around in different
places like under the docks or boat, dropping it or stopping it to make it look
erratic. You can also try to add blades that make it noisy to attract the fish.
Try to be creative to make the spinnerbait more desirable for the fish by
making it look hurt, weak, erratic or loud. You should also be aware of your
surrounding and the type of water you’re in whether it is deep or shallow.

Step 2

Choose the perfect combination of rod and reel.

When learning how to work a spinnerbait it’s important to remember that they work
well with long rods. You, therefore, need to choose a rod that is long and
strong enough to make long casts but still flexible enough at the tip. The
perfect rod is made with fiberglass tips. You should also choose a reel that
makes retrieval fast enough. Rods with IM6 base and fiberglass tip work best
with a 6.3:1 bait cast reel and a 12lb or 14lb monofilament line.

Step 3

After preparation and gathering the right tools in the first two steps you now need
to know how to do the actual fishing. Make long casts, 50 to 75 yards. This
will allow the spinnerbait to work as desired. It will give you room to drop
it, stop it, change its speed or make it behave any way you like. All these
changes can be made with simple wrist movements.

When you’re fishing on a dock or a boathouse, you can forego the long casts and just let
the bait under the structures. You still have to make it look wounded or weak
to get your catch.

Step 4

Making sure you have the best hooks is also important when learning how to work a
spinnerbait. Most of the time the fish will get hooked properly when they
strike but other times you have to be careful when retrieving because they are
not hooked well. In such cases, keep the tip of the rod down as you yank it
towards you. This will cause the hook to go deeper into the fish’s mouth
thereby preventing it from getting away.


When you’re fishing in clear water, one of the most important tips regarding how to work a
spinnerbait is to run it fast. This will prevent the fish from inspecting the
bait thereby increasing chances of a strike. You can also try to use baits that
match the watercolor while keeping a red color on them. Spinnerbaits are
available in wide variety is sizes, shapes, and blades. You just have to pick
one that you prefer.

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