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When fishing for catfish there are many things that need to be factored in like the technique and the skills of the individual. Top on the list of priorities any angular will mention is the catfish rig. It is as important as the requirements. With your catfish rig determined it can help lead to how successful your fishing expedition will be but also make sure that you enjoy the whole experience as well. Here are some of the factors to consider to ensure you have success in trapping catfish.

The Right Knots to know about Catfish Rigs

There are very many simple knots that one can tie for a catfish rigs, but the three knots that are commonly used are:

Palomar Knot – this is one of the knots that nearly all angler should be aware of because it is not only easier to tie but also one of the strongest fishing knots available.

Trilene Knot – it is very good for tying terminal tackle and at the same time very strong, but it is a knot that is not common to many anglers.

Easy Snell – When you want a nice way to attach circle hooks to the leaders then easy Snell is the best way to go about it. It is also stronger and easy to with a very simple method.

Dropper Loop – it is mostly used when one wants to add a leader to some catfish rigs

Some of the top Five Best Catfish rigs for fishing

1. Santee Cooper Rig

It is one of the best tools when one wants to catch catfish very easily. The reason is that it is ideal when you want to be doing your catching form a boat or shore. The rig is one of the most popular around because it is very easy to tie and at the same time very easy to cast, this is because the cigar float that is attached to the leader that makes one lift the lure up off any river or lake.
The leader of this rig is very easy to adjust depending on the spot that the fish is holding which simply means that one can catch the fish very easily even if it is very far at the bottom. It is no wonder that this rig has been mentioned as a good tackle in searching for feeding catfish.

Here are some of the items that one will need when using the Santee Cooper rig.

  • A leader line – that is generally any fishing line, pliers, reel but when it comes to the to the leader the best option is to go for a mono-filament leader or the fluorocarbon leader which is about 40 lb.
    Hook – it is preferable that you use the octopus style circle or any other hook will do just fine.
  • Swivel – when it comes to the swivel it is very important to match the material to the size of the targeted fish. The most common and functions very well are the brass barrel swivel
  • Weight – this will totally depend on where one fishing from. If you are fishing on an anchor it is advisable that you use the egg type and when you are using drift fishing, then use a drift sinker that has very few snags.
  • Peg Float – the best one is a 2 or 3-inch peg float

2. Robber Rig

The robber rig is one of the traditional fishing rigs that has been used for some time now especially when fishing in a shallow water. It is very good when one is being forced to keep the bait in the upper portion or on the surface of the water. It is the kind of fish tackle that operates with the help of a big round weighted foam float that can make a big splash as soon as it strikes the water. The reason for making that splash is to attract the attention of the catfish.
You will realize that it is not only the Robber rig that has the float alone but there are many others in the market, the only difference is that the Robber rig has the loudest splash when on the water which makes this rig one of the favorites among the others and it works perfectly.

The things that you will need when using this rig are:

  • Slip Bobber – look the same as the traditional float but the only differences are that they slide up and down the line
  • Stops – they are usually placed above the line on a slip bobber
  • Split shot sinker – Size one is the most preferred, depending on your fishing needs it is advisable that you should have different sizes.
  • Hooks – the best one to use with this rig has a strong treble hook that has number six.

3. Three-way rig

The name three-way comes from the fact that this rig uses a three-way swivel that is attached to the main line. This rig will not disappoint when you are looking for a good fishing experience. The way the tackle is constructed is in such a way that is made up of the first swivel attached to the line with the hook, and the second one is tied to the main line while the third one is where the weight is. As for the length of the leader, this will totally depend on the preference of the user but on more occasions, it is advisable to use about eight to twelves inches.
The angler is supposed to keep the bait directly in the bite zone path and this can be achieved when the rig is properly set up. You will realize that with the three-way rig, the anchor weight line and the hook line has been separated to make the bait move freely with the current.

Here are some of the items that will be required with the three-way rig.

  • Leader Line – it is recommended that you use a 1/2 lb and a spool that has 40 pound test
  • Barrel Swivel – important to ensure that the line will not twist
  • Three-way brass swivel – must have three twisted wire eyes and a collar
  • Hook – when it comes to the hook there is no preference.
  • Fishing line – advisable you pick a lighter one like a mono-filament fishing line.

4. Zero Rig

The zero rig is one of the simplest types of catfish rig hat. This is because it does not need the leader of the barrel swivel for it to function and only has a sinker and a line that you can attach the hook to the end. Some of the features that are notable with this catfish rig are that the sliding sinker will rest directly against the hook eye. That is why there is not much movement of the bait. This helps to keep the Zero rig stable for you.
This type of rig is preferred because it has only one connection point, the hook, which in the process reduces the snag issues which make it ideal when you are fishing in a heavy current. It is also one of the best rigs to use directly against heavy cover, because they do not have leaders and in the end, they give very little hang-ups.

Here are some of the items that you will need when you are using the Zero rig

  • Egg Sinker – this is attached in a way that lies directly against the eye of the hook

5. Carolina Rig

This is one of the most reliable catfish rigs, which is also referred to as the slip sinker rig. It is not only one of the simplest catfish rigs, but also one that makes the whole fishing experience effortless and a very good adventure. The Carolina rig is a single type of equipment that can catch all the three kinds of catfish: blue, Flathead, and the channel fish without any problem whatsoever.
This catfish rig is one that has been rated so highly by many anglers because it is not too fancy as compared to other catfish rigs and at the same time it is not complicated and is very versatile. The reason why it is versatile is that it can be used to when drift fishing or using an anchor or even if one is fishing at the bottom using a tight line.
Channel catfish are known to be very sensitive and catching them might not be so easy. When using a Carolina rig the catfish any indication that they are being trapped making the whole process very easy.

When you are using the Carolina rig, one might require the following items

  • Leader Line – this can be any fluorocarbon or monofilament leader that should have to weigh of 4 lb on average
  • Hook – use a number 6 or number 4 hook with strong treble
  • Swivel – it is important to use a material that is size one and size three
  • Weight – Egg sinker or roll sinker is ideal

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