How to Make a Catfish Jug Line?

A jug line is equipment you need for jug fishing, which is basically a fishing method using lines suspended from floating jugs to catch the fish. A bottle is put upside down into the water, and weight is suspended from it using a thread to keep it afloat. Usually, many jugs are placed at the spots where the desired fish crowd more. Most people place the jugs in the morning and come back before nightfall to check what they’ve caught.

For jug fishing, the main equipment you will need is a jug line. The best thing is that you don’t have to buy it, it’s possible to make it easily at home. Fishing is a fun hobby, but it can be boring if you keep doing the same thing all the time. To bring an even more fun twist to it, try out jug fishing. It is especially popular when it comes to fishing for catfish.

What do you need to make a jug line for catfish?

You need some minimum materials to make a jug line for catfish. Most of them should be at your home within your reach, you might have to go out and buy them, but they should be relatively inexpensive. Here is the list:

    • A few plastic bottles, preferably 2 liters each.

    • Fluorescent spray paint of a color that will stand out at any time of the day. For example- orange.

    • Duct tape. Or even better: reflective tape.

    • No.9 braided Nylon line (200 meters).

    • Brass barrel swivel of size one (1/0).

    • A strong circle fishing hook of size six (6/0).

    • A permanent marker.

    • A measuring tape.

Plastic jugs

How to make a jug line for catfish?

Now that you have the items, it’s time to get down to work. It’s not very difficult to make a jug line as long as you follow the steps correctly. Here is a step-by-step guide on what you should do.

Paint the bottle

The first thing you need to do is take the 2 Liter bottle that you collected and spray paint it. Make sure the paint is a fluorescent one because you’ll have to spot the jug line clearly during the times of the day when catfish become active.

Use the tape

Wait for the paint to dry. Once it does, you must take the duct or the reflective tape and wrap it around the bottle.

Write required information

Now take the permanent marker. Start writing your name, address, Conservation ID number, and such information over the tape using this marker. Make sure it’s clear and doesn’t rub off.

Melt the ends of the nylon line

Take the no. 9 braided Nylon line. Use a measuring tape to measure 20 feet or around 6 meters of the line and cut off that section. Then you have to melt the two free ends of the nylon line you cut off. This is to ensure that the line doesn’t unravel.

Create a lasso

Things get a little tricky from here on. First, make a loop at one of the free ends of the nylon line. As for the other end, thread it through the loop you just created. This will give you a bigger loop in the result, which will look like a lasso. Now place the lasso over the cap of the bottle, around its neck. Cinch it down tightly so that it doesn’t slip off the neck.

Use the egg sinker

Take the egg sinker. There are two holes on two sides of the egg-shaped object. Thread the free end of the nylon line through this hole.

Tie a Palomar knot

Now it’s time to use the swivel. A swivel helps the two line sections rotate independently, which will unwind any twists formed by itself. Tie the swivel right below the sinker using a Palomar knot. The instructions for tying the knot are explained in the next section.

Make the leader

Take the remaining part of the nylon line and cut off a section of length 20 inches. Like you did before, melt the two ends of it. Now bring those two ends together and thread them through the eye of the fishing hook. Grab the loop you made earlier, tuck the ends through it, and pull it tight.

Make a tail

After you’re done with the front, work on the back. Tie the loose ends of the line together using another knot. Leave a single inch of the line in the end, which will make the tail.

Connect the leader and swivel

Take the hookless end of the leader you made and thread it through the hole in the swivel. Now bring the hook up through the loop and pull it hard until it tightens up properly.

Transport the jug

Finally, wrap the line you worked so hard on around the bottle you prepared initially. Tuck the hook into the tape, and you’re done making the jug line for catfish!

How to make a Palomar knot

Here is a brief, step-by-step guide to creating a Palomar knot-

    • Take a 4-6 inches section of a line and fold it into equal doubles.

    • Pass the end of the loop through the eye of the hook.

    • Tie an overhand knot keeping the hook hanging from the bottom. Make sure it is loose.

    • Hold the knot between your thumb and forefinger before passing the hook over the loop.

    • Slide the loop above the hook’s eye.

    • Tighten the knot by pulling both the standing line and the tag end at the same time.

    • Clip the tag end closed, and you’re done.

Jug lines are a great way to catch catfish, and they can be very effective. This article has helped teach you how to make your own jug line and how to use it effectively so that next time you go fishing for catfish with a jug line, you’ll know exactly what to do. So, Head out to your nearest catfish lair and start fishing.

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