Four Catfish Recipes

Catfish is a tasty fish that is mainly taken by individuals living in the Southern United States. The typical way people are used to in preparing catfish is deep frying method. Catfish can also be baked, grilled or pan- fried. When cooked well it has a mild and sweet flavor. It is usually less dense and flaky than whitefish making it an excellent dish for various cooking choices. When the fillet is marinated in brine, one can also take it raw. The following are excellent catfish recipes on how to prepare it through various ways:

1. Pan-fried Catfish Recipe

• 4 catfish fillets
• 1 tablespoonful salt
• ½ cup yellow cornmeal
• Lemon wedges for garnish
• ¼ cup flour
• A ¼ tablespoonful of paprika
• ½ cup of milk
• 5 tablespoon of unsalted butter and divided

The first step is to make the catfish ready for frying. You should rinse the fillets under cold water and then use paper towels to dry. One should ensure that paper sheets fully absorb all the moisture in catfish fillet.
The second step is to prepare the cornmeal mixture. Using a shallow dish, mix cornmeal which includes flour, salts, paprika, and creole seasoning. Ensure that all the ingredients are mixed. All these ingredients should be in correct proportion as indicated above.
After ensuring all the ingredient are combined, pour ½ cup of milk in a shallow dish. Place the catfish fillets into the milk and ensure that you coat them in a mixture of cornmeal. The purpose of milk is to assist in absorbing the mix of cornmeal. After coating them, thoroughly shake all the ingredients to remove excess cornmeal mixture.
Heat butter in a large round skillet and places it over high heat. Place the two catfish fillets in the skillet and fry for about three minutes until flakey. Use a fork while tasting. Flip the other side of fillet and fry. The second time, it may take slightly less time because the skillet is thoroughly heated. Repeat the procedure to other remaining catfish fillets.
Serve immediately well-garnished catfish fillets with sweet lemon wedges.


2. Deep fried catfish

• 4 catfish fillets
• 1 cup cornmeal
• ¼ tablespoon of cayenne pepper
• 1 cup of flour
• 1 juiced lemon
• 1 tablespoon of salt
• ½ tablespoon of kosher salt
• 1 tablespoon of baking powder
• 12 o-z of bottle amber beer
• ½ tablespoon of black pepper
• 1.5 tablespoon of granulated garlic

The first step is preheating your deep-fryer to about 176 degrees Celsius. While the fryer is heating, mix the flour, cornmeal, cayenne, salt, beer and baking powder until all the ingredients are thoroughly combined. Use a large bowl to mix all the ingredients and continue mixing all the ingredients to eliminate any lumps and till all beer is wholly incorporated with the rest of the ingredients in the bowl.
Cut each catfish fillet into two strips. Prepare a salt mixture. To make the mixture, mix the granulated garlic, pepper, and salt in a small bowl and use a spoon to stir all of them. Sprinkle your well-prepared salt mixture to both sides of catfish fillets until its adequately seasoned. Soak each of the strips in beer batter and leave them for about 15 seconds until it is properly absorbed.
Place your well-prepared fillet in a deep fryer once you have ensured it has appropriately heated up. You can add the fillet small at a time and move them around to ensure that they do not stick. You can also use a large spatula to avoid breaking the fillets. Fry the filet for about 5 minutes until they turn crispy and brown. Cooking time depends upon the thickness of the fish. Take your ready fillet out of the fryer and place them on a platter. Season with juiced lemon and enjoy it while it is still hot.


3. Baked catfish

• 8 oz. of catfish fillets
• 3 oz. butter
• 1 tablespoon of paprika
• Salt
• ½ tablespoon of well-chopped garlic
• Pepper to taste
• 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
• 5 oz. of white wine
• 1 tablespoon of well-chopped cilantro

Preheat the oven to about 191 degrees Celsius. Season your catfish fillet with pepper and salt to taste. Place the fillets in a casserole oval dish.
In a saucepan, melt your butter over high heat. Continually heat it until all the butter has completely dissolved. Mix the lemon juice, cilantro, garlic and wine in a small bowl. After that, pour the mixture in saucepan and let it simmer for about three minutes.
After the mixture has simmered, remove it from the heat and spread it over the fillet using a spoon. Place the catfish fillets on the oven and let it bake until it is cooked. Enjoy your tasty baked fillet while it is still overwhelming and hot.


4. Grilled catfish

• 8 oz. catfish fillets
• 2 tablespoons melted butter
• Vegetable cooking spray
• ½ tablespoon lemon pepper for seasoning
• 1 cup of lemon juice
The first method is you coat a cooking spray in a basket. Place your catfish in a coated well-grilled basket. Combine butter, lemon pepper seasoning and lemon juice in a small bowl. Brush the catfish fillets with a well-prepared butter mixture. Put the basket on the grill and ensure that you close the cover.
Grill your fish to medium coal over 150 degrees Celsius and heat each for about 8 minutes. The fillet should flake on both sides if you taste it with a fork. Continue to taste the fillet while it is still cooking until it is well prepared.
You can serve your well-grilled catfish fillet with grilled vegetables or mashed potatoes.

A catfish recipe is made with few ingredients which make it favorite and natural dish for most people. Catfish has a nutritional value which consists: saturated fat, cholesterol, sugars, protein, calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, fiber, sodium, iron, and potassium. Summer and springs are popular times when one can go fishing for catfish, but it can also be found all round year.

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