Top 5 Cod Fishing Rigs

Cod fishing rigs are designed specifically to catch the cod fish, which can be so elusive and difficult to get hold of. With just an ordinary fishing rig, you may go fishing for without ever catching one. Add to the fact that this fish may be present for only a few minutes over a several-hour fishing tour, and you can see how challenging things can get when it comes to fishing for cod. So, to make the most of your fishing trip, by catching at least one or two cods, make sure you are equipped with the right fishing rig for this type of fish. Do not know which is the correct rig to go fishing with? There is no problem at all, simply choose one from the following list of the top 5 best rigs for fishing the cod fish:

1. The Pennell Pulley Rig

Effective cod fishing generally requires the use of a larger bait, and the Pennell pulley rig perfectly fits the bill here. This rig features two hooks on a single hook length, with a hook placed at each end of the bait. What’s more, the design is basically a running or sliding mono paternoster and the rig is more stable compared to other fishing rigs. Also, do not forget that it does not tangle.

With a Pennell pulley rig complete with the right bait, you will have more chances of catching cod. For best baits, choose peeler crabs, lugworms, or squid. Other baits may catch the fish in some regions sure but are not so effective countrywide.

Great article on how to tie the Pennell Pulley Rig above.

2. The Paternoster Rig

The paternoster rig is another effective tool for fishing out cod. This rig can also be great for fishing for other types of fish such as trout, golden perch, redfin, flathead, snapper, carp and whiting. It is mainly used in saltwater fishing though as opposed to both fresh water and salter water fishing.

The rig lets you place the bait above the sinker so that this food which you are using to attract and catch the fish is systematically lifted A short distance above the lowest part of the rig. This allows cods to spot it easily and come for it hence get caught.

What many love about this rig is its easy setup. The Paternoster rig can be tied as a single unit or as a double one with two swivels and two hooks. The advantage of the latter is that two different baits can be used simultaneously to increase the chances of catching cod.

3. The Quill Float/Mob Float Rig  

There is no doubt about the fact that this is one of the best cod fishing rigs out there. Notably, it is different from the first two rigs on our list in terms of design. The rig features either a quill float/mob float to systematically present a bait. The float lets you cleverly place bait near the surface of the water, rather than on or near the bottom.

 If it is a quill float, the float is attached to the line, using plastic bands, or sometimes the float may have an eyelet at the bottom to thread the line through. But if it is a mob float, the float is attached with wire clips located at the top as well as the bottom parts of this component. The clips are opened, so that the line is threaded through, by pressing down the top of the float.

Whichever type of float your rig features, you can easily adjust the distance between the float and the bait, from 50 cm to 4 meters or more.

4. The Fixed Bobber Rig

Fixed Bobber is another type of rig that allows you to catch cod and other types of fish easily. This rig features four major components;

• A stick float.

• A Mainline.

• Three round split shot sinkers.

• A straight hook.

This is one of the most effective rigs to catch some of the dodgiest fishes, including cod, sardines and golden perch. Simply sink your bait to the appropriate depth, depending on the type of fish you want to catch. Then sail gently as you wait for the fish to take the bait before fishing it out of the water.

5. Sliding Sinker Rig

What comes into the mind of many, whenever this rig is mentioned, is cod fishing. Many people use the sliding sinker rig to catch cods easily. This effective rig lets you suspend live bait just closer to the bottom of the water, which makes it ideal for fishing on waters with higher currents where cods are likely to be found. The Sliding Sinker rig can also be used for stationary fishing even as the setup is designed to hold a bait in place without pinning it down there. This is, without doubt, a quicker-to-set-up fishing rig that is great for both amateur and professional fishers.

What you may not like about this rig is the split shot, which can weaken or snag up the line by pinching it, causing the equipment to be less effective over time.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best cod fishing rigs out there. Whether you choose Pennell, Quill Float/Mob Float or any other rig above, one thing you can be sure about is that you will be able to catch cod more easily because each cod is designed to be effective for that purpose.

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