Cadence Spinning Rod, CR5-30 Review

Any angler who has experienced the imperfection of a
spinning fishing rod genuinely understands why it’s so important to have the
right fishing rod with them. Besides getting the perfect fishing rod is
essential for newbies and pros alike. If you’ve been trying to get a new
spinning fishing rod, you may have heard about Cadence, a fishing gear company
that is relatively new to the market but is getting noticed for all the right
reasons. One of the products from the company that has gained a lot of popularity
among anglers is the Cadence Spinning Rod, CR5-30.

This is one of the best spinning rod options for an angler
who seeks to get a high-quality rod at an affordable price. When you first set
eyes and have your hands on this rod, you could be forgiven for thinking that
the fishing rod is undoubtedly a high premium quality rod, worth several
hundred bucks. Tell you what, though? This spinning fishing rod really looks
and feels like it – it surely fits the description, especially if you don’t
know too much about spinning fishing rods. The CR5 spinning fishing rod series
from Cadence has managed to turn a lot of heads because of its solid yet
lightweight construction. This rod is an epitome of a contemporary fishing rod
with a touch of class and high tech added to it. The material used to
manufacture this series of spinning fishing rod are sensitive, light in weight,
stable, and most of all, reliable. This is in consideration that you need a
fishing rod which you are sure will not give up on you when you need it the
most. Cadence has been praised time and again for going beyond customers’
expectations on this one, in terms of top-class features, high-quality, and
lighter, sleeker design.



The CR5 fishing rod series demonstrates incorporation of
several years of expertise, top experience, and advanced tech in designing a
product that is not only likable but practical. The smooth and lightweight
spinning fishing rod comes in a variety of models, which feature different
lengths, as well as action and power.

It is available in different lengths that vary from 4’8” to
7’0”. The action, on the other hand, is grouped according to moderate, moderate
fast, and fast, whereas the power changes from ultralight, medium-light,
medium, and medium-heavy. Also, as an angler, you won’t have to worry about
finding the perfect spinning fishing rod that fit your requirements, as well as
the type and the environment of fishing, because there is a wide variety to
pick from.

The most noticeable features that will make you go crazy
about the CR5-30 fishing rod from Cadence include:

•    Strong, premium construction

Unlike other spinning fishing rods of the same caliber, the
Cadence CR5 is designed using premium material that reflects the true
definition of unmatched superiority. The banks of this fishing rod are made of
30-ton carbon. What’s more? You have a variety to choose from since they are
available in different lengths, power, and action as well.

•    A wide range of application

Whether you are looking to get some freshwater fish such as
trout and bass, or inshore species such as redfish, this is the perfect fishing
rod for such type of fishing. The CR5 spinning fishing rod is meant to amaze
any angler with the flexibility and high performance. To make it better, you
get all that at an affordable price compared to other fishing rods with similar
or even slightly better characteristics.

•    High-grade cork, handles, reel seat, and SIC guides

Another major win for the rod is the high-quality handles
that also offer flexibility in terms of choice. Depending on what works for
you, the EVA handles are available in a split grip and full grip option to
enhance comfort and improved performance. There is also a cork for the handles,
ensuring more practicability when using the fishing rod. As if that’s not
enough, the CR5-30 spinning fishing rod is equipped with SIC guides and an
adjustable Fuji reel seat for even better performance. With a stainless-steel
frame, this fishing rod is designed for durability and strength.

•    Excellent value for your cash

Even though you may have heard that cheap is most of the
times expensive, this spinning rod strongly defies the rule. The rod is not
precisely cheap per se, but you can be sure that it’s quite affordable for an
angler who seeks to purchase a high quality, durable and top-performance
fishing rod. At its price tag, you can boldly say that the CR5-30 spinning
fishing rod offers excellent value for money.

•    Ease of use

The fun moments of fishing as a sport should not be ruined
by the sophisticated features of a fishing rod so that the entire activity
becomes more of a challenge rather than a fun thing to do. If you think that
the advanced features of this spinning fishing rod will get in the way of easy
and fun fishing, you’re wrong. The spinning rod has high-quality features but
is lightweight and very easy to use even for kids. As such, you get to enjoy
every moment of your fishing sessions.


•    It’s affordable
•    Equipped with an adjustable reel seat
•    Offers excellent value for money
•    Has a stainless steel frame with SIC guides for practicability
•    Made using high-quality 30-ton graphite
•    It’s comfortable and easy to use
•    Delivers superior performance and durability
•    Features top-grade handles and cork for ease of use
•    Can be comfortably used for game fish
•    Offers excellent flexibility through varying lengths, action, and power.


•    The diameter of the handles is a bit narrow, hence not ideal for prolonged use
•    Can be a little bit tricky to use for beginners

Bottom Line

Cadence has proved that they can deliver high-quality
fishing products time and again, and the Cadence Spinning Rod CR5-30 is not an
exception. You get an excellent value for money, and unmatched performance
compared to other rods with similar characteristics. This spinning fishing rod
is ultimately designed to deliver a pleasurable fishing experience.

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