Plussino Spinning Rod and Reel Combos Review

Fishing is a very popular hobby that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is a real sport that can work out your shoulders, arms, core and legs. It also challenges the mind, as fishermen decide what type of fishing rods and lures to use for specific fish and fishing environments.

While some fishermen like to assemble and customize their own fishing rods to suit their style and desired catch, others want the convenience of having a ready-made rod and reel combo. This article looks into the benefits of getting a fully equipped fishing kit, and reviews one of the most popular ones: the Plussino Spinning Rod and Reel Combo.

Benefits of getting a complete fishing kit

If you are a beginner, getting a ready-made kit is less confusing and overwhelming than trying to assemble one on your own. Fishing is a science, with much thought put into the weight and length of the rod, and the type of lures that would work for different kinds of fish. Elements like the currents of the water should also be considered while choosing the most suitable fishing rod and accessories.

While this is exactly the kind of challenge that experienced fishermen love, this can frustrate someone who is new to the sport. Ready-made rod and reel combos that come with its own hooks and lures will enable you to take the entire kit to the lake or pond and start fishing right away!

Fishing kits also tend to be more affordable, since the cost of individual accessories soon add up and can cost three or four times more than buying everything in one go. The Plussino Spinning Rod and Reel Combo costs less than $70 and includes both the basic fishing gear and a convenient carrying case.


Plussino is a popular sports brand and has several fishing kits in its portfolio. The Plussino Spinning Rod and Reel Combo has received particularly positive reviews from fishing blogs and sites, primarily for its ability to hold up well in both freshwater and saltwater environments.

  • The kit includes a rod, reel, six fishing hooks, six fishing lures, four sinkers, and a fishing bag.
  • This is a telescopic rod that comes in different lengths and actions.
  • The rod is made of carbon fiber combined with fiberglass. This composite material is very strong and will last for several years.
  • The guides are made of aluminum oxide, while the reel seats are made of high quality stainless steel that resist rust and corrosion
  • The EVA grip is comfortable and fits nicely into your hand
  • The rod is designed for both boat fishing and sea fishing
  • It comes in different lengths, ranging from 1.8 meters to 2.7 meters, but can be collapsed so it’s convenient to store and transport
  • This is a short-body rod with large spool and large line capacity
  • It has excellent line winding because of the S-curve oscillation system
  • The handle can be adjusted for both left-handed or right-handed people
  • It has Medium power and an extended handle


  • This is quite a versatile fishing set that you can use in both fresh water and salt water. It is best for small sea fish but can take on all sizes of fresh water fish. This means you can bring this rod to different kinds of fishing spots, and be prepared to go after the local fish with confidence and ease.
  • The rod is quite compact, and easy to bring along in a car or even a small kayak.
  • Experienced fishermen say that this telescopic fishing rod has a higher quality than other gear in its price range. Cheaper, low-quality sets will snap and break, but this will hold up even when you go on long fishing trips or happen to have a big, feisty fish at the end of your line
  • It is made of fiberglass, which is considered one of the best materials for modern fishing rods.
  • Users have described this fishing rod as “very smooth”. It is easy to reel in a fish, even if you’re a beginner. It is also quite lightweight and feels quite comfortable in your hand.


  • This is a starter kit designed for fishermen who want versatility, affordability and convenience. While it offers great quality for its price, it is really a “jack of all trades”. If you are looking for a more specialized and powerful fishing rod, you will need to look elsewhere.
  • It can’t catch larger and more aggressive seawater fish.
  • The carrying case is of average quality. This is understandable given the price range, but you may need to invest in a new case after a few years.


The Plussino Spinning Rod and Reel Combo gives great value for money, because you are able to start fishing without investing in other accessories, and can use it for different kinds of fishing environments. It is ideal for the beginner fishermen, or more experienced anglers who want an all-purpose rod that is easy to carry around. 

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