Shakespeare Micro Spinning Rod Review

Since 1897, Shakespeare has been a leader in quality and affordable fishing poles with years of providing enjoyment and good times for people. Shakespeare for 115 years has given families, friends, and individuals the best in fishing equipment with many products that cater to all levels of experience. From their fishing kits that are tailored to teach kids how to fish to the advance fishermen, their focus is to make fishing easy and enjoyable for all.

The Shakespeare Micro Series Spinning Rod is ultra-light, convenient and can help you in landing that big catch every time. Ultra-light fishing is one of the most enjoyable and easiest ways to fish giving hours of fun. With a variety of changeable actions and adjustable lengths, this rod can adapt to any situation or species of fish that comes your way. This allows the rod to be tailored to your unique needs giving you a greater command and more versatility over your catch.

The advantage of using the Shakespeare Micro Series Spinning Rod comes from its unique design to use lighter lures and lines to fish. Made of stainless steel that is reinforced with stainless steel inserts, this rod reaches from 4’6″ to 7’0″ in length, guaranteeing that the rod will be able to withstand the most difficult of challenges. The durable casing and strong grip offered by this rod make it ready to face any task that the avid fisherman can handle. This rod provides an excellent and comfortable grip with full cork handles allowing the fisherman to have greater command. Built from graphite composite, this rod is very lightweight and strong, making it tough enough for the roughest fisherman.

The design makes it easy to hit the water with ease. With the ability to handle ultralight weight actions including a ported aluminum Micro Series Spinning Reel, a well-designed multi-disc drag system, and controlled by a smooth two ball bearing system gives the fisherman an ease of operations when it comes to being out on the water. The pole is also very easy to put away and to store when it is time to pack up and go back home. Another added feature to the pole is having a hook keeper for effortless transportation. This ultra-light, strong rod is sure to become one of your most favorite and valued of tools.

The Shakespeare Micro Series Spinning Combo comes with a prespooled line and is ready to go fishing. Loaded with many features that can enhance your fishing game, this rod comes with an ultra-light spinning combo that is excellent for fishing in freshwater ponds. The rod is quite adjustable and can easily adapt to any type of fishing or environment.

One of the best features about this rod is the ability to control the line as it is being cast out into the water. This gives the fisherman greater control over distant lines being tossed. This also helps to avoid tangles in the lines when casting out into the water, even when fishing in difficult weather such as high winds. The Shakespeare Rod gives good resistance on the line allowing for a firm control when pulling in a catch, big or small. After continuous usage, the rod did not experience any issues when casting out to the water. There were also no problems with the rod when placing the bait on the hook, allowing for it to become a reliable tool in a fisherman’s arsenal. The strength of the rod allows for the fisherman to take command of the situation and to withstand the pulls and tugs of a catch as it tries to free itself from the line.

The smooth and easy operations of the rod provide a better experience, either for the beginner or the professional. The Shakespeare Micro Series Spinning Rod allows for different lines to be placed on it, giving the fisherman greater adaptability when fishing in different situations or when fishing for different species. This rod allows for a fisherman to expand their range of catch when on the water, making the fishing experience more enjoyable.

The rod can be used with lures as small as 1/32 oz, but still durable enough to handle a 4 Ib bass or catfish when they hit the line. Not only is it well built, but it is well designed with uncluttered and sleek line guides to make the job easy while improving your angling experiences when on the water. The rod has very good sensitivity when it comes to a fish tugging on the line. Most of all, the best features about The Shakespeare Micro Series Spinning rod is that it is affordable and can fit into anyone’s budget. Well priced to fit around $20.00, the Shakespeare Micro Series Spinning rod falls into the budget of all fishermen.

Bottom Line

The rod is versatile and loads very well when it comes to casting from the shore. The length of the rod extends well over the shoreline rocks and obstacles allowing the fisherman to fish either in the boat or on land. Great for the avid fisherman as well as for the first timer, this rod allows easy usage for a wide range of fishermen. This rod can be coupled with other accessories, giving the rod a bonus. It can also make an excellent gift for those who are looking for some quiet time to pass on the water with family, friends, or just by themselves. The Shakespeare Micro Series Spinning rod will never lead you wrong no matter what type of fishing you plan to do.

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