Delicious Trout Recipes

When it comes to food, there is nothing better than finding those dishes that are both
delicious, as well as healthy for you too. One of these foods is none other
than trout. Trout is a nutrient-dense food that offers a pretty wide variety of
health benefits. Trout are very tasty too, and the fact that it is one of the
few types of fish with a very low mercury level, makes it an even better dinner
option than other types of fish that can often have higher levels. Whether you caught one of these delicious fish yourself or bought them at the store you can enjoy one of the recipes below. So, without further ado, here are some super fun and delicious trout recipes that you can
cook for the whole family.

Pan-Fried Trout with Garlic, Lemon, and Parsley

Of all the trout recipes, this one is probably the simplest to make. But don’t let its
simplicity fool you into believing that it doesn’t have extraordinary flavor!
This quick and easy dish is delicious in every way.


– 2 skin-on trout fillets

– 1 tablespoon of Olive Oil

– 1 tablespoon of unsalted butter

– 2 garlic cloves, minced

– 3 tablespoons of chopped, fresh parsley

– 1 tablespoon of lemon juice

– salt and pepper, to taste


-Heat up a non-stick skillet over medium high heat.

-Melt the better along with the olive oil until it becomes a nice, frothy consistency.

-Then you want to place your fillets into the skillet and cook them for two minutes on
each side.

-You can keep it on the skillet for a tiny bit longer if the fillets are not cooked all
the way through.

-Then you add your garlic, your parsley, and your lemon juice to the skillet as well, and
cook it all together for an additional minute, letting the fish soak up all the
lovely flavors and turn a beautiful golden-brown color.

Trout Amandine

This classic French dish delivers a creamy and aromatic experience to your fish that you
won’t soon forget. The flavors of this dish are positively dreamy.


– 2 whole trout (pan-dressed)

– salt and pepper, to taste

– ¼ cup of all-purpose flour

– 4 tablespoons of butter

– ½ cup of blanched, slivered almonds

– 2 tablespoons of lemon juice

– 1 tablespoon of chopped, fresh parsley

– 8 thin slices of lemon


-Rinse and pat dry your trout.

-Season both the inside and the outside of the trout with as much salt and pepper as you
like. Add more for extra flavor.

-Then you need to dredge the trout in the flour.

-After you drudge, you are going to heat only half of the amount of the butter in a large
skillet, over high heat, until it is melted.

-Add the trout to the pan now and let it cook, soaking up the butter, until it is brown
on both sides.

-Lower the heat down to medium after that and then cook each side of the fillets for about
four minutes each, or until it is cooked through and golden brown.

-Remove the trout onto a serving dish and allow it to wait.

-Then, using the same pan, you add the rest of the butter and the slivered almonds until it
turns into a creamy sauce.

-Lastly, you drizzle the sauce over the already cooked trout and garnish it with the lemon
slices and the parley. It’s delicious!

Mediterranean Style Trout

This unique recipe caters to those who enjoy bold flavors and zesty seasonings! This is
sure to be a trout recipe you won’t soon forget!


– 6 potatoes, diced

– 2 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil

– 4 trout fillets

– 2 tablespoons of dried Italian seasonings

– salt and black pepper, to taste

– 1 yellow bell pepper, thinly sliced

– 2 medium sized onions, thinly sliced

– 3 anchovy fillets, chopped

– 2 tablespoons of kalamata olives

– 4 tomatoes, seeded and chopped

– 1 can of diced tomatoes

– 1 tablespoon of drained capers

– 1 bunch of flat leaf parsley, chopped

– 2 tablespoons of medium, dry white wine


-Place your potatoes into a medium sized pot and fill it with just enough lightly salted
water, so that it covers up all of the potatoes.

-Bring it all to a boil and let it cook for about 8 minutes, or until the potatoes become

-Then you want to drain the water and set the potatoes aside.

-Put the olive oil into a skillet on medium high heat. While this is going, you are
going to season the trout with the Italian seasonings and the salt and pepper.

-Then you are going to place the seasoned trout into the oiled skillet and cook on both side
for five minutes each, or until the fish is cooked through and retains a pretty
brown color.

-Add the onions, the peppers, and the white wine to the trout and allow them to simmer
for an additional couple of minutes so that it can soak up all of the amazing
flavors together.

-Then, when it is all done and cooked, you serve the delicious trout over a bed of steamed
potatoes. It’s good till the last bite.

These incredible trout recipes are sure to delight your whole family and make meal
time extra fun and delicious. Have fun on your cooking journey and enjoy these
fun ways to make trout extra delicious.  

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