Top Two Jigging Master Reels

Jigging Master is a household name when it comes to fishing reels. Their reels are
regarded by many fishing enthusiasts as vital and helpful. Jigging Master reels
will facilitate any fishing activity; whether it is trolling, casting or fly
fishing, and make it a rewarding and fulfilling experience. If you are shopping
for a reliable reel, you know the drill. Shop no further than this top-rated
brand. Below are the two best reels from Jigging master. Before I proceed,
however, I would like to point out that each product is rated 4.5 stars and
above on various online marketplaces, with hundreds of 5-star reviews.

1. Jigging Master Ocean Devil Reel

This is oneof the two best Jigging Master reels to buy. Jigging Master’s Ocean Devil
fishing reel series is designed to fulfill the need of battling both small and
large fishes, thanks to the customized liver drag design. It is ranked the
ultimate reel in its category with a superior drag performance.


The series features, a lever drag system, two docking gears, ball-bar, CNC power handle,
seven stainless steel ball bearing, and cutting-edge spool.

• Color:Gold.

• Spool width:31mm.

• Spool diameter:54mm.

• Size: PE8.

• Gear Ratio : 1 :4.5.

• Efficient drag : 20lbs/Max 40lbs.

• Gross Weight : 425g.

• Line Capacity : 400m.

• Reel Type: Lever Drag/Conventional.

• Package Includes: Reel, Power Handle, Tool, T-Bar, Manual and JM Reel Sack.


  • Solid Aluminum Construction

The first thing that will draw your attention to Jigging Master’s Ocean Devil reel is a solid
aluminum construction. The CNC aluminum material is hardy, durable with
properties that withstand the wears and tears of daily use. This is unlike many
reels in its category that are made from die cast aluminum, which is superior
to this form of aluminum.

  • Performance  

Performance of a reel is an important consideration for many buyers. You will love this
reel for its amazing performance. The lever drag system lets you wind and stow
your fishing line with ease. Plus, it allows you to adjust the line accordingly
in quick steps.

  • Lightweight Design

When it comes to buying a fishing reel, the weight of a product is another important
consideration. Fishing reels do vary in weight with some weighing under a pound
and others several pounds. Another reason why many buyers go with this reel is
its lightweight design. That makes it easy to carry or transport with ease.


  • The Reel Takes Time to Master Operating

Nothing is 100% perfect. The only slight drawback to the Jigging Master Ocean Devil reel
is that it takes time to master operating. However, once you get it right, it
is one of the most fun and exciting reels to operate.

Evike – Jigging Master Power Spell Fishing Reel

This is an innovative fishing reel from Jigging Master, which is designed for deep sea
fishing. The manufacturer focused on maximizing performance, innovation,
precision, durability, ergonomics, and simplicity with this amazing reel.


Ranked as one of the best Jigging Master reels, the Power Spell reel comes with a set of
advanced features. These include; superior drag technology, eight heavy-duty
stainless steel ball bearing, plus one anti-reverse bearing, and 2 docking
gears. In addition, the reel boasts heavy-duty aluminum construction,
single-hand manipulation drag setting design, optimized gear ratio & torque
ratio, and anodized scratch/rust protection. Finally, the product comes with a
one year warranty and 3 years of parts support provided by the manufacturer.

• Color: Silver/Blue.

• Size: PE5N.

• Design: Narrow.

• Spool Width:25mm.

• Spool Diameter.

• Shape: Round.

• Gear Ratio: 1:4.0.

• Efficient drag: 35 lbs / Max 60 lbs.

• Gross Weight: 570g.

• Line Capacity: 400m.

• Reel Type: Lever Drag/Conventional.

• Included In the Package: Reel, Power Handle, Tool, T-Bar, Manual and JM Reel Sack.


  • Updated Superior Drag Technology

The Jigging Master Power Spell fishing reel comes with an updated superior drag technology.
This allows it to provide a smoother, stronger, and more reliable drag than its
predecessor, Ocean Devil.

  • Solid Aluminum Construction

Just like Ocean Devil, Power Spell features a solid aluminum construction, which is
hardy, durable and can withstand the wears and tears of daily use. Not so many
reels in its class offer this benefit.

  • Lightweight

While Power Spell is heavier than Ocean Devil, it remains one the lightest reels on the
market. That makes it easy to carry or transport for a hassle-free fishing


  • More Oriented Toward Deep Water Fishing

While the Power Spell can be used for both deep water and shallow water fishing, this
fishing reel is more suited for deep water fishing. Optimal performance may be
enjoyed only when fishing in deep waters.

Final Thoughts

Ocean Devil and Power Spell are the top two best Jigging Master reels to buy. As you can
see, these two fishing reel series offer almost the same benefits. They only
vary in setbacks whereby one is difficult to operate initially, whereas another
is more oriented toward deep sea fishing.

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