Information about Bass

The Best Bass Fishing Rigs

Using the right fishing rig can either make or break your bass fishing trip. If you askany expert angler, they will tell how catching bass isn’t a walk in the park.Not only do you have to use the right bass fishing techniques, but you shouldalso have the perfect rig in […]

The Best 4 Baits for Bass Fishing

  Selecting bass bait is equally as fun as fishing them. Choosing the perfect bass bait improves your chances of having a productive bass fishing trip. Bass, like most fish, have interests in certain types of food. Using these foods as bait guarantees that you won’t go home empty-handed. The […]

Best Bass Swimbait

Your choice of a swimbait can make a huge performance difference in your bass fishing adventures. A highly effective swimbait will attract and catch predators at a high rate when used with a good bass rod and reel. The best bass swimbait should have a lifelike design and mimic the […]

Striped Bass Information

Description StripedBass, otherwise called Rockfish is a standout among the most perceived fish inNarragansett Narrows. It has a thick, stout body with around seven to eightlimited even stripes. It has two blades; one has got spines while the other oneis only delicate without any spines. It has a generally wide […]

Bass Recipes

Bass is not only fun to catch, but it is also fun to cook as well. This fish is flaky and cancook in a matter of minutes. Bass can be used in fancy dishes or it can be usedin down-home family cooking. These are some great bass recipes that a […]

5 Best Bass Fishing Rods

Every good fisherman knows the rod that youuse when doing any kind of fishing is of the utmost importance. When bassfishing, it is even more imperative that you have a good bass fishing rod. Withso many on the market, it can be an overwhelming decision. Here, we break downthe best […]

Best Reels for Bass Fishing

Owning a reel is beneficial when it comes to fishing. Sure, one will still catch the bass  by just tying a string to the end of a long stick and earthworms on the hook. However, using this traditional method can limit you. The reels enable you to get closer to […]

How to Fish for Bass

There are numerous forms of game fishing to consider if you are planning taking up this type of hobby. One of the most popular options for beginners in the sport is bass fishing. This is an ideal choice because anyone can learn how to fish for bass with some patience. In […]

Largemouth Bass Information

The Micropterus salmoides, or more commonly the Widemouth, Bigmouth, Bucketmouth, or Largemouth Bass, is a freshwater game fish. The Largemouth Bass is the state fish of Georgia and Mississippi. It is the state freshwater fish of Florida and Alabama, and it’s the state sport fish of Tennessee. Although its original […]