Will a Catfish Eat Gar?

Gar is a fish found in freshwater and sometimes in saltwater as well. These usually do not have a use and are seen as pests. However, some people like eating gar, as it tastes decent enough, but could this gar be used as catfish bait?

Well, most people believe that gar is not an excellent bait fish. Most fish do not eat gar, and that also includes catfish. However, catfish are considered opportunistic eaters.


Can Gar be used as Bait for Catfish?

Catfish and gar sometimes share their habitat to interact. To start, catfish usually eat food found at the bottom of the waterway—the leftover food from other fish. Even if the fish does attack a fish, it has to be smaller than a catfish, which is typically 22 inches in size. Some massive catfish species can reach 52 inches in length. When it comes to gar, they can have a maximum length of 2.5 feet, which makes them much larger than catfish. Therefore, there is no chance that the catfish will be able to eat gar in the wild. It will be too large for them.

However, if you use gar as bait, you can chop it into smaller pieces and use a hook to drop it into the water. Will that work as bait? Well, probably not. The size is one of many reasons that gar is not edible for catfish. There are some other reasons too. Although catfish can eat a variety of prey, including small fish, insects, crustaceans, and sometimes even other catfish, gar is not their primary food source. This is because the gar has a more bony and armored body, which is very hard to eat, so catfish avoid this meat.

Of course, there are still exceptions. Some species of catfish, such as the flathead catfish, are known to be opportunistic predators and may occasionally prey on larger fish like gar if the opportunity arises. Also, if another fish attack the gar and is not at the bottom of the water, the catfish might eat it as well, especially if it is hungry. However, choosing to use gar as the only bait to catch catfish will yield a meager result, mainly because there are so many other bait fish that you can use instead to catch catfish.


What bait to use to catch catfish?

Many different baits can be used to catch catfish. Some of them are listed below. These baits have a higher chance of luring catfish from the bottom of the water.

· Stink bait: Bait that smells very strong, usually store-bought, but can also be made at home.

· Cut fish: Live cut fish is excellent because it is still moving, looks alive, and smells more pungent.

· Chicken liver: Since these smell strong, it is a great bait.

· Shrimp: This is one of the most common baits, and shrimp are also something they eat in their habitat.

Can gar eat catfish?

Now we know that gar is not eaten by catfish, at least not typically, but can gar eat catfish? Especially because catfish is a pretty small fish compared to the gar?

Unfortunately, that is not the case either. Catfish and gar ignore each other most of the time. Gar is known to have a snout-like mouth and razor-sharp teeth. However, these teeth are suitable for piercing the prey, not breaking it into smaller pieces. Catfish have a rugged and scaleless body that is hard to penetrate. Not to mention, the body of a catfish is very slimy, so it is tough to grasp, especially by a small-mouth fish like gar.

Although gar are huge, they mainly feed on smaller fish, crustaceans, and invertebrates that they can catch with their long, needle-like snouts and sharp teeth—the type of fish they can quickly grab with their mouth and swallow whole. Also, catfish are bottom-dwelling fish, while gar is not, so they do not encounter each other either often.

Of course, again, there are exceptions, and if the gar wants to, it can attack catfish and even win. Gar are also opportunistic eaters, so they eat whatever they can find in the water, and there have been reports of gar feeding on catfish. When the gar does attack catfish, it is for some reason. This only happens if the catfish is injured, weakened, or small enough to be taken as prey by the larger gar. Gar will only prey on juvenile catfish if it does need to.

Also, gar is a species of fish mostly seen as a pest, so people do not try to catch them. Gar are essential for their ecosystem, so they are not unwanted fish. However, if you want to catch this fish, there are many easier baits, and this fish is abundant, so it will also be easy to catch. Catfish might act as bait for them, but as mentioned above, they will have difficulty biting into it.


Now you know that catfish do not typically eat gar, and gar do not typically eat catfish. These two do not make good bait for each other either. If you want to catch catfish, there are many better baits to choose from.

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