Can Catfish Eat Birds?

Catfish can eat birds, but not all birds. They eat smaller birds and baby birds-especially pigeons. Some species of catfish know how to hunt birds. Therefore, they do their tricks and eat them. Catfish are opportunistic creatures that will eat pretty much anything they can get in their mouths. Catfish have a wide variety of different feeding methods depending on their location and age (some catfish change their diets as they grow), but all types will eat pretty much anything they can get their mouths around—even birds. Catfish eat meat, insects, small birds, crawfish, algae, aquatic plants, small fish, and snails. Their meat-eating habit drives them to hunt smaller birds that fly near the water. Often, they are found hunting pigeons near the river shore.


How Often do Catfish Eat Birds?

There is no specification of timing for catfish for eating or hunting birds. They usually eat whatever fits their mouth. If any small bird flies around, they lure and hunt them. Catfish especially like small pigeons, so they roam around near the shore to catch pigeons.

How To Use Birds as Bait for Catfish?

You can simply attach the raw bird as bait and cut it up and put it on the hook. The catfish will get drawn to the smell of it. Catfish eat meat and small insects. The scent of meat is enough to attract them. If you want to make it more efficient, add some garlic powder to strengthen the scent. Ensure you are not putting too big of a piece in the hook. The number one trick for catfish fishing is to ensure the bait is small enough to fit the catfish’s mouth. Catfish do not hunt food unless they fit in their mouth.

Do Catfish Eat Pigeons?

Yes, they eat pigeons. Catfish usually eat smaller pigeons that fit their mouth. Much news is roaming around of catfish attacking pigeons on the shore, and that’s for real! Catfish tend to hunt pigeons when they stop by the bank of any river to drink water. The catfish roam nearby the shore and attack the pigeons stopping by to drink water. Interestingly, a catfish can come out of the water just to grab pigeons, even when the bird is onshore or on dry land. It is unlikely for a catfish to hunt pigeons on dry land.

When a catfish successfully grabs a pigeon from the land, it holds the bird in its mouth and swims back to the water. By the time it returns to water, the bird dies, and the catfish eats it. Some pigeons are bigger than the catfish mouth, so catfish mostly prey on smaller birds. Sometimes, they mistakenly hunt bigger birds. In such cases, they fail to fight back and get stuck on the land. As they cannot get back to water promptly, they die.

Other Weird Catfish Baits That You Can Use

Fish Eggs

As catfish eat fish and fish eggs, you can easily use the opportunity to use the fish eggs as your perfect bait for catfish hunting. But ensure that you are setting up the bait properly as fish eggs tend to fall off too quickly.


Crustaceans such as crabs, lobsters, and crayfish are amazing baits to lure catfish effortlessly. Catfish love to eat small fish that fit their mouth.If you use such small crustaceans, you are more likely to catch a handful of catfish without any hassle.

Aquatic Plants

If you don’t already know, catfish eat a lot of small zooplankton and aquatic plants. You can use plants like algae, lotus, lettuce, and others to catch your catfish. However, using a plant as your bait might not be as effective as using meat or insects.

Fruits And Vegetables

Some unique baits that catfish fall for are fruits like apples, berries, bananas, and even vegetables like broccoli and cabbage. It may sound unrealistic, but it’s true. Many catfish owners feed their fish such fruits and veggies. When you have nothing nearby to use as bait, you can try these.


Some catfish tend to act like parasites and love to suck the blood of their host. Therefore, you can use such chances to track down the species that loves blood.


Catfish live on dead meat. The meat doesn’t have to be fresh to use as bait. You can use any dead animal carcass- and make it the bait for your catfish hunting. Therefore, this bait is more likely to grab you a lot of fish quickly.

Bar Soap

You can even use the cheapest bar soap to catch a catfish. It sounds interesting, and it works! Many anglers have been using this trick to catch catfish when they have nothing in hand.

Hot Dogs

Catfish will bite just about anything if they are hungry. Many people have good success using hot dogs when they go out fishing.

What Do Catfish Like to Eat the Most?

Basically, they love to eat meat and insects. You can easily catch an enormous number of catfish if you set the bait using crabs or crayfish. They also fall prey to other small fish, basically anything that fits their mouth.

Catfish Hunting Is Easier Using Birds

Although they are quite picky about choosing the bird, you can set the bait with the birds that fit their mouth best. As they take too much trouble catching a bird on the shore, these little buddies will swim as fast as they can if they can get it near their mouth. So set the bait, and you will see how good it works


In conclusion, catfish are opportunistic feeders who will eat pretty much anything they can get their mouths around. They aren’t picky about what they eat, either. Most of their diet consists of smaller fish or crustaceans. Catfish also feed on insects, worms, and other aquatic organisms. Catfish are bottom-feeders and often forage for scraps on the muddy bottoms of lakes, rivers, ponds, and streams. Catfish love to scavenge for snags found in the water too. They even swallow whole these items that are too large to chew on, if they can get their mouths around them.


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