What Is a Brown Spotted Grouper?

The brown-spotted grouper or the brown spotted reef cod is a popular marine ray-finned fish for popular when fishing. It has a body length of 2.5 to 3.5 times its depth. These species are usually paler than other groupers. The brown-spotted grouper has a dense pattern of brown spots all over the body except for the head, chest, and lower abdomen. The spots are usually light, but sometimes they can get dark. The common length for a brown spotted grouper is 50-80 centimeters, and they usually come at a maximum of 7 Kilograms.

Other Names for The Brown Spotted Grouper

  • Brown spotted reef cod
  • Coral grouper
  • Brown-spotted rock cod
  • Honeycomb cod

What Type of Fish Is a Brown Spotted Reef Cod?

This ray-finned fish is an aggressive saltwater fish you can only find in the oceans. They come with large flakes and firm textures. Once cooked, these fish are tasty to eat as the meat looks fresh and moist. It gives a mild taste, whether grilled or cooked.

An interesting fact about the groupers is that they are protogynous hermaphrodites. This means they are born as females but mature as male fish after development. They can be considered mature when they reach at least 15 to 17 inches. Although they grow slowly, they can live for 5-15 years. They remain in reproduction for 30-50% of their lifespan. These fish usually eat the red crabs that roam around near the shore. They love to hunt in rocky areas and have specific types of fish and crustaceans. Spotted groupers are known to be aggressive and predatory in hunting their food.


Brown Spotted Grouper

Where Can You Find a Brown Spotted Grouper?

This fish usually roams around in the Red Sea and the eastern coast of Africa. You can also find this fish in KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa and the western Pacific Ocean. This fish is also found in north-western Australia.

How To Fish for a Brown Spotted Grouper?

They usually roam around in the rocky areas of the oceans. If you set your bait in those areas, you will be lucky enough to catch the grouper. They are also found in the areas where there are red crabs. However, brown groupers’ food habits depend on the timing. You can find them mostly near the areas of crustaceans during the night, but in the daylight, they are found in the areas where fish and red crabs are roaming. You can use live sardines as bait for the fish during the daylight. As these fish are quite aggressive, you need to prepare a strong line to cope with the strength of the pull. They can easily snap the line if you are not well-prepared. These groupers can be of a maximum of 15 pounds. Your line needs to be able to cope with the weight too. The fishing procedure is simple- let the bait float in the water, which will attract your fish. However, you can also prepare the bait using squid, chub mackerel, white crab, or octopus’ pieces. A brown-spotted grouper requires a 7/0 or 8/0 hook.

Where Is the Best Place to Catch Grouper?

You have to go at least 120 to 180 feet of water over shipwrecks or rocky bottoms. These fish swim around the rocky places to hunt other fishes. In group fishing, you must go 30 to 60 feet deep to get lucky.

What Is the Best Month to Catch the Grouper?

Expert anglers say that the best time of the year to get a handful of brown groupers is from October through December. However, you can still find the fish during other times of the year.

A Few Tips on Brown-Spotted Grouper Fishing:

Look Around the Structure or Rocky Areas

As mentioned, the groupers mostly roam around the structured areas to catch their food. You can imply the knowledge and set your bait around the rocky areas of the deep ocean. They mostly swim around the shim wreckages. If you find a perfect place like that, it’s time to get lucky.

Grouper Species Have Different Behavioral Patterns

There are 160 species of groupers, and their behavior distinguishes them from one another. While catching the brown-spotted groupers, you must ensure that you set the right bait and techniques for the fish.

Boat Positioning is Crucial for Your Fishing Success

Brown-spotted groupers stay in specific areas of the ocean. You need to place the boat in a way that allows you to easily set the bait in the rocky and structured areas. You can do the trick by noticing the rocky areas underneath the ocean, or you can also set your boat in the areas where you can find red crabs and small fish. Thus, catching a handful of fish will be easy, like a piece of cake.

Grouper’s Fall for Frozen Baits

This is a secret that many anglers use. They use frozen baits to attract groupers. You can also use natural artificial lures to attract the groupers. As artificial lures can go under 30 to 40 feet in depth, you can easily use them.

Remember The Timing

Groupers have specific food habits depending on the timing. They usually roam around near the shore when they can find red crabs and fish. You can find them mostly near the areas of crustaceans during the night. As a result, you can use live sardines as bait in the morning and other bait at night.

Closing Words

Among the 160 different grouper species, the brown spotted ones are one of the tastiest. You can grill or cook the fish, and the taste is mouthwatering. This fish is full of protein and an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Alongside the taste, you will also get nutritional benefits. Besides that, groupers are an amazing choice for making fish sandwiches. You can just prepare your sandwich right after the fishing and grilling- and have the time of your life.

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