What Fishing Rod To Use

Let me preface this article with just a little bit of information about me. I work a steady job in the city and love the outdoors. That is me in a nutshell and the reason I’m telling you this is I want you know that I am no way a professional fisherman.

Yes, I have years and years of experience being in a boat and fishing recreationally, but I have never been on an industrial boat fishing. The knowledge that I will share with you comes from my own personal years of research and experience. If you disagree, or think I am wrong, that is completely okay as I find most of the time, with anything, it comes down to personal preference!

Today I will be discussing what fishing rod to use and when. There are so many brands and types of fishing rods out there that it is my goal to give you peace of mind when shopping in the store. I believe in the power of fishing and I believe it is one of the greatest hobbies someone can take up.

It is calming and teaches you the power of patience. I have found since I started fishing fourteen years ago that I have a bigger appreciation for the environment and people who work with the land (such as farmers or fishermen).

Why Should I Have Proper Equipment?

Just like any sport, having the proper fishing equipment and choosing what fishing rod to use is integral to you success. There are so many bait options and techniques to use when fishing. This is why people who manufacture fishing rods have developed rods to be accurate and cast specific baits farther.

If you want to be a great fisherman or woman, you should be able to process what fishing rod to use. If you choose the right rod at a certain time it will allow anglers to cast baits correctly, choose the right bait, detect more strikes, and set the hook to have a fish in your clutches!

Baitcasting And Spinning Rod Choice 

The two types of fishing rods that you will be using when fishing are the baitcasting rod and the spinning rod. When choosing what fishing rod to use you must consider three things: power, action, and length.

If you choose the right combo of these things it will excel your fishing game to the point where you will be unstoppable on the water. As well, you must continue to try to prevent angler fatigue and if you concentrate on the power, action, and length you will!

So what is power when it comes to the fishing rod? It is the amount of pressure an angler applies to bend the fishing rod. There are heavier action rods and light action rods. The heavier ones need more pressure to bend the rod.

The lighter action rods can bend really easier. You will see on when deciding what fishing rod to use that rods are categorized by light, medium, and heavy. They can also be placed on an in-between level (such as medium/light, etc.).

Now, if you are purchasing a rod that is more expensive and more professional, they are usually categorized using a number system: using one through five. One is the lightest you can go with a fishing rod and five is the heaviest.


As I say to almost everyone in any type of sport, buying a certain piece of equipment comes down entirely to your personal preference. A fishing rod that I may love, may not completely work for you.

I am a 6’3” male so you can know I buy fishing rods that compliment my size and are not too small. If you are smaller than me, which I’m sure most of you are, then it is integral for you to go out to the store yourself and look.

This is my biggest piece of advice: when deciding what fishing rod to use always hold your options in your hands and imagine yourself fishing. I’ve witnessed too many people be out on the boat and get out their fishing rod and realize it isn’t the best one for what we were doing that day. I wish you all the best in your fishing adventures and I hope you will now know what fishing rod to choose!

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