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In my incredibly busy life I have always been looking at how I can easily relax during a crazy week at work. My work can get extremely stressful at time and it is proven that stress can lead to sickness and a shorter life span.

This became painfully true to me when I suffered a minor heart attack scare early last year. It wasn’t a full-blown heart attack, but even knowing it was possible made me fear my mortality. I wanted to make sure I was giving my body numerous ways to rest and recuperate especially during times of when I feel under a great deal of stress at work. There are various ways to rest and it all comes down to personal preference.

Some people try meditating, others like listening to music, while others like going on hikes. It entirely depends on the type of person you are. In my early days at college, I would relax in a dark quiet room and just lay there listening to some piano music.

It did wonders for my brain and it really calmed me. I greatly enjoyed doing that. But for some odd reason when I got older, sitting alone in a room actually did not help me relax, it increased me anxiety.

I felt that when my brain was trying to “do nothing” it sped up and I could not quiet down my thoughts. I then looked around for a way to relax and found it quiet and calm, on my local lake.

I had never really fished before but as soon as I began, I was hooked (literally)! I greatly enjoyed going out and fishing and wanted to do it once every week. I go out early in the morning and I found just being alone with my thoughts while actively doing something, was the way I could really rest and relax.

A Guide Overview

I found early on while I was preparing to go out and fish that you need to have a fishing rod guide available to you, to fully understand the process of fishing. Buying a fishing rod is also a financial investment and you must know what you are looking for before going into it.

I have looked through many fishing rod guides online in order to help you discover what rod is perfect for you and other things you need to know. It is through these fishing rod guides that I hope you expand your knowledge before you begin fishing!

Selecting The Perfect Rod For You

Most fishing rods sold today are casting rods, spinning rods and light lures. Each fishing rod compliments a certain technique. If you’re a beginner and want an average standard selection look into buying a 6’6″ and 7′ medium or medium heavy casting rods. These rods will always help you in any situation. Most of the time, the choice of what rod you want comes down to what exactly your budget is to spend!

A good fishing rod may not make you an incredible fisherman right away. It takes years of practice. Your rod is a tool, and like with all tools, it takes years to become a master. Always, a fantastic rod will allow you to feel what is going on with your lure and bait and feel it in the water. It will guide you to know what area of the water is good to be in and when a fish is near by.

Fishing Rod Terms You Should Know

  • Action: how much the rod will bend when you apply pressure on the tip
  • Taper: The thickness of the rod/also how much it will bend
  • Power: The strength of the rod and how much it can lift!
  • Graphite: The most common material used in building rods today
  • Guides: the guides on a bass rod have a metal frame and a ceramic ring


I hope through all of this I have taught you more about a fishing rod and fishing rod guides. Always note that a fishing rod that has more guides will, for the most part, cast better.

However, also know that a rod with more guides does cost more than a rod without as many. It is a cost that is well worth it as you can maximize the amount of fish you catch with more guides!

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