Kastking Perigee II Fishing Rod Review

Are you a fishing enthusiast who has been on the lookout for the right gear for the job?
Did I hear you answer back in the affirmative? If you did so, then I am happy
to let you know that you have just landed on the right page. We have identified
and are going to review the KastKing Perigee fishing rod. As you are about to
see, it is great and suited for fishing a wide variety of fish species. These
include the bass, walleye, salmon, catfish, and trout. It is also suited for
both fresh and saltwater fishing.


  • Carbon Matrix KastFlex Blank Technology

Throughout the entire structure of the fishing rod is the ton carbon matrix KastFlex blank
technology construction. This technology measures a decent 24 tons and is also
famed for producing rods that are strong and endure the test of time.

This being
the case, you should expect the rod to guarantee you higher accuracy, awesome
strength and maximum fishing power. No matter how rough your waters may be,
this rod will certainly guarantee you robust outcomes.

  • Highly Versatile

Overall,this rod is highly versatile. This simply means that it can perform a vast
array of fishing tasks and purposes. The main reason behind this is its availability
in a whopping 29 different sizes and dimensions.

Thanks to these dimensions, it is possible for you to handle numerous tasks. At the same
time, the rod allows you to vary the power output in response to your unique
tastes and preferences. Considering this, you will only apply the force
required for the said role at a time.

  • Fuji O-Ring Line Guides

To let you channel your line accurately in the water, the rod comes along with some Fuji
O-ring line guides. The mere existence of these guides set this rod apart from
the others of its kinds. That is because they allow for higher accuracy.

With this rod, you will not miss out on the targets at least not adversely. This means
you will incur less inconvenience as you target your fish. For this reason,
your fishing escapade will be very exciting.

  • Ergonomic Reel Seats

To help you to dispense your lines effortlessly, the rod has some reel seats which hold the
lines. The seats are made of tuned ergonomic graphite which exhibits some
high-strength. Apart from being tolerant of the common causes of damages, the
reels are also efficient.

Their design to deploy faster and easily also eliminates all forms of strains you are
ordinarily subjected to. This is not to mention that you will hardly sustain
any blisters or unnecessary pains which many other kinds of reels inflict.

  • High-density EVA Grips

As you handle the rod, you will find it comfortable and reliable to hold on to. That
is because it has some high-density EVA grips which provide some good traction
and hold onto your hands. These grips are resistant to sweating and the
possibilities of slip-offs.

Even if you go out fishing in the extreme heat, you may count on the rod to provide you’re
the higher levels of reliability you require to do a good job. What’s more? The
grips and the handle also spare your hands of blisters!

  • Saf-T Keeper Hook Holder

Holding your hook in place is the Saf-T keeper hook holder. This holder is made of the
carbon fiber. It is a well-known fact that is material is both light and
sturdy. Because of this, it guarantees you awesome strength yet spares you the need
to invest too much muscle power to accrue the required benefits.

Other than
this, the hook holder is also beautiful to behold. As such, it also brings
about the benefit of added aesthetics which makes it suited for enhancing your

  • Multiple Action Options

With this fishing rod, it is possible for you to undertake numerous actions that are
related to fishing. For one, it can handle and manage both the spinning and the
bait casting maneuvers. This allows you to target the different kinds of fish.

Also, the rod can manage moderate to moderate fast and finally to the fast actions. You
hence are assured the freedom to determine the pace at which you prefer
catching your fish. The pleasure of maximum comfort is hence yours to leverage.

  • KastKing Power Transition System

Generating the necessary power is one thing, having this power supplied to the area that
requires it most is yet another thing altogether. This rod is structured in
such a way as to guarantee some smooth transfer of power from the handle
through to the tip.

This is made possible by the hybrid spigot joints. These are highly responsive and will
amplify any slight motion to make it more effective. Incidences of unnecessary
fatigue and too many strains are hence kept at bay.

  • High-technology Computer Controls

This KastKing Perigee is not your ordinary fishing rod. That is because it comes along with a
couple of features which are not only modern but also intended to make your
experience all the more fun-filled. One of the most notable of these is the
high-technology computer controls.

Thanks to this technology, it is possible to incline the rod at four angles easily. These
are the 0⁰, 45⁰, 90⁰, and 135⁰ respectively. This definitely allows you to not
only keep the power flowing but also target the various portions of the pond
with ease.

  • Twin-Tip Rods

Its tip comes in two varieties. These are the medium light and the medium heavy. You
have them for your choosing to handle the different kinds of fishing you might
want to at any given time. Their existence negates the need for guesswork and
goes a long way in enhancing your overall comfort.

Further to this, the tips are appropriately priced to fit your precise budget. It,
therefore, follows that they spare you the need to spend too much over and
above letting you enjoy the benefits which a standard rod is expected to yield.


• Less cumbersome to engage and hence untiring

• Cheaper to afford than most competing alternatives

• Works well in both salt and fresh water

• Able to catch numerous species of fish at a time

• Quite breathtaking to behold indeed!


• Does not last as long

• Cannot handle heavier kinds of fish

• Requires a bit of expertise to be able to operate effectively

Notwithstanding its minor shortcomings, this KastKing Perigee is still a very worthy purchase.
As you may see from the foregoing review, it is able to tackle quite a number
of fishing-related chores with ease. Moreover, it is also cheaper to afford. If you are looking for more information on other rod and reels, then check out our home page and go from there.

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