Is Spearfishing a Good Option to Catch Grouper?

Spearfishing is a good option to catch groupers, as it is very effective. However, its effectiveness largely depends on the environment that you’re fishing in. For spearfishing to be as effective as you’d want it to be, to catch any grouper of your choice, you need to fish from a large body of water, and you need a lot of concentration, patience, and focus. Spearfishing is a basic skill, and it is not easily mastered.

Spearfishing mainly illustrates the act of using some type of speargun after diving into the water while you’re swimming underwater. Since there are no refraction planes to look through, spearfishing is straightforward.

Spearfishing Basics

Spearfishing used to be very primitive. Traditionally, it is a basic form of fishing that’s popularly practiced as a form of recreation in sports commerce and expedition by many people worldwide. Spearfishing uses tools such as spears or tridents from land or on surface waters. It’s a survival type of fishing practice that’s very common.

The development of the spear gun has fully redefined this fishing method and given it a new modification. Spearfishing is now a popular snorkelling, scuba diving, or free diving activity that’s mainly done underwater with spear guns. It has become more exhilarating and fun. The most common form of spearfishing is coastal fishing.

The effectiveness of spearfishing is different based on different locations of the world, the types of fish to be spearfished, the type of spearfishing equipment used, the skill and patience of the fisherman, etc. Spearfishing basics involve familiarization with spearfishing equipment, techniques, and safety methods.


Is Spearfishing Eco-Friendly?

Spearfishing is ecologically friendly because it is a specific process of fishing that causes no harm to the environment and uses minimal fishing methods, but if the fishermen do not sustain this process and they overfish, it can lead to severe consequences. Fishing on an industrial scale can have devastating effects on the environment. Such effects can include the destruction of lives in the ocean, the death of aquatic lives, ghost fishing, etc.

 Equipment Used for Spearfishing

To be a good spear fisher, you need to be a great free diver, as spearfishing and freediving are closely related. The equipment used for spearfishing is not much, but it is very crucial to the process, and if you are a very good scuba diver for big games, you won’t even need to spend a lot of money to get all the basic equipment that includes:

  • Freediving fins
  • Snorkeling and masks
  • Vest
  • Weight belt
  • Float
  • Spearfishing Knife
  • Spearfishing Gloves
  • Spearfishing float line
  • Spearfishing wetsuit

How Deep Do You Need to Get to Catch Groupers Through Spearfishing?

The average depth for spearfishing is 5-20 meters. This depth is often considered the magic depth for most beginners in freediving or spearfishing because it is safe and secure. However, some grouper will be at different depths than this.

When Spearfishing, Do You Have to Aim Above or Below Where You See the Fish in the Water?

This depends on your approach. You must aim below the fish if you want to shoot an arrow or throw a spear from the land into the water. How far below hinges on the slope of your line of sight to the horizontal and the fish’s depth. The angle of your line of sight to the horizontal can be seen as simply the length of the fish since your eyes are usually at a constant height. However, if the fish is 90° directly below your feet, you don’t have to aim below for it, no matter the depth.

The Types of Groupers That Can Be the Spearhead

All types and species of groupers can be speared, except Goliath groupers and Nassau species. The Goliath groupers are the biggest of all the 159 species of groupers available. They are huge. They are giant fish that can exceed eight feet in length and weigh over 800 pounds. They are mostly found in the shallowest part of the water. Goliath species roam estuaries to search for food and hunt in coastal areas. It is very difficult to spear them because of their huge size.

The Nassau groupers are large perciform fish mostly valued for their fishing resources. The Nassau grouper is a preying fish that inhabits the coral reefs of the Caribbean Sea and adjacent waters. Its name derives from its historically large size. It is a single species, and it is mainly diurnal. Nassau groupers have oblong, enormous eyes with coarse, spiny fins.

Spearfishing Tips to Catch Groupers

There are three ways to spearfish groupers based on location and water distance. These ways are.

  1. Shallow water spearfishing
  2. Free dive spearfishing
  3. Scuba dive spearfishing

The second type of spearfishing – free diving – is usually the most popular type of spearfishing technique.

Tips to Catching Groupers in Shallow Water Spearfishing

  • Spearfish above the water using a kayak or boat

Tips to Catching Groupers in Free Dive Spearfishing

  • Learn to dive.
  • Master holding your breath and learn how to behave underwater.
  • Start small. Learn to get very comfortable in the water before you start.
  • Loosen up and conserve energy. Don’t use your energy on wasteful ventures, as any slight waste of energy will shorten your time underwater and give you less time to catch this.
  • Balance appropriately to make up for the pressure difference.
  • Keep your nose covered.
  • Keep your mouth closed.
  • Don’t thump too hard to avoid hurting your eardrum.
  • Be stealthy. Be as natural as possible.
  • Don’t try to beat a fish in its natural habitat.

 Tips To Catching Groupers in Scuba Dive Spearfishing

  • Learn to maintain your balance in great depths.
  • Stay calm.
  • Be focused.
  • Make sure you use all your spearfishing gear.


When you are spearfishing, you need to use a fairly powerful speargun for larger-sized grouper species as opposed to pole spears for smaller ones.

Choosing your most preferred speargun should be entirely based on your discretion. What do you like, your personal preferences, and body structure? Using a shorter speargun is more appropriate for grouper hunting.

Besides, the kind of spear and line you use is also very important. You need to consider your choice differently for a large fish and a small one. You will need to spear a large fish with a large shaft—one that’s at least 5/16″ in thickness.

Spearfishing is quite easy once you learn a few techniques and processes. It is exhilarating and challenging; that’s why you need to make sure that you learn proper spearfishing safety techniques before you get started.

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