Where do you catch grouper?

Generally, Grouper fish are found in the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico along the North American coast, but there are a few famous and known places where you can find grouper fish and go fishing. In the US the main areas fishermen go is in Florida from the Florida Keys and up from both sides of the keys along the coastlines. People go there and catch fish; some fish for a hobby, some commercially.

The best places to catch grouper

There are notable species of grouper fish. Among them, a few are mostly known, like black grouper, gag grouper, goliath grouper, red grouper, snowy grouper, and yellow edge grouper. Also, they have high commercial value because of their nutritional benefits.

Some famous destinations for grouper fishing are:

Florida Keys

When it comes to both numbers and size, the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida keys are perfect places to catch groupe. Black grouper, gag grouper, goliath grouper, and red grouper are all found in these areas. Also, this place is famous in the world for fishing grouper and a lot of people around the world go there to catch them.


One of the most extensive man-made reefs is in Pensacola, so it is the proper place to find and catch grouper fish. The Oriskany Memorial reef provides groupers with lots of covers as it attracts many groupers you can easily catch.


In South Florida, Miami is mostly known as the ‘city of magic’ and is one of the best places to catch fish groupers. Lots of wrecks and reefs are available there to catch grouper fish, and especially if you are looking for Snowies and Scamps, it is like the heaven of those species. You will still find regular black, gag, red, and goliath there.

Fort Lauderdale

As water is structured and filled here, there is a big availability of groupers fish here naturally. Usually, all kinds of grouper are found on the reefs, black, red, and gag.


Tampa has clear water and that’s why it is the ideal place for Scamps and Goliath. If you are looking for them, you can go there for an awesome experience of grouper fishing, and comparatively, this place is safer for fishing that some reefs could be.

Key Biscayne

Just a few miles away offshore there, you will find ‘Liberty Ship Reef,’ which is a paradise of grouper. You will find almost every species of grouper there. Impressively, there is another grouper fishing destination called Bache Shoal Reef. Also, that is an excellent place for catching grouper.

Crystal River

For Gag grouper, Crystal River’s water is very comfortable and ecologically habitual. And the interesting fact is you can go fishing here from pretty close to the shore. That’s why people of all ages come here for grouper.


In the sportfishing capital of the world, you can catch so many fish species, and grouper is one of them. You can find almost every species of groupers in Destin, but mostly Scamps, Reds, Gags, Goliaths are there. The place is wonderful and calm, that’s why a lot of people visit there and catch fish as their recreation, and enjoy the beautiful beaches with its white sands. Having been to Destin before it is a great location to go to.

What are the essentials of catching grouper?

All groupers have one thing in common: they are bottom-dwelling and structure-based. Usually, they have a big body with a wider mouth, because of their wider mouth, they can engulf big size of baits. Usually, grouper live on reefs, and they don’t have enough stamina, so you have to pay attention once they are hooked up with bait because they start running with full force. You will need some of the following equipment when fishing for grouper:

Fishing rod

A rod with a length between 4 meters and 4 meters and a half, also a rod able to resist a power between 330 and 600 lbs, is needed to catch grouper fish. Also, the rod must be strong as well as flexible, because when they run they could break the rod with the force they will take off at. Without flexibility there is a chance of breaking the rod.

Fishing weight

You must need a good quality fishing weight to catch grouper fish. Grouper are known as bottom feeders and live on reefs. You will need a sufficient weight to get the hook on the bottom for you to be able to catch them. You need to make sure you have a proper line attached to the weight which can withstand the force of the fish and the pull which can come when they get hooked.


The reel must be significant to carry a line with 0,6-0,8 mm of diameter and you need a spool also that measures almost 1000 feet to 1200 feet. A perfect-shaped reel is a must to carry the line because it will have a big-size grouper. You can read here for our more in-depth reel reviews.


If your intention is to catch fish like grouper, then you must have a very resistant and big hook that can stand the strength of grouper jaws because grouper’s mouth is comparatively bigger than most fish. Its hook needs to be unique and high resistant.


If you want to have a great fishing experience, you can go for grouper. By maintaining some fishing rules and having some necessary fishing equipment, you can experience it. There are some rules and regulations for fishing in the sea or some species of grouper and the appropriate season you can fish for them. Make sure you know this before you head out.

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