How to Jig for Snapper

If you are a fan of snapper, then you would want to know how you can
easily catch them using the jigging method. First, you will need to use proper timing. Next, you need the right rig when jigging. You could use a vertical or octo jig for this. Third, you need the appropriate bait. 

1. Proper Timing

When it comes to jigging for snapper, timing is everything. You need to have a
good strategy to be able to execute the catch and get out with a snapper. It is
easy to just try your luck and load up the dingy. However, this shouldn’t be
the case. Each year as the season shifts from October and December, snappers
move in large groups from the water temperatures that are more balanced, and
closer to the harbors, estuaries, as well as closer inshore. This migration
helps the snapper to feed on worm beds and shellfish to get on prime conditions
before spawning. Therefore, it means that late spring or early summer is the
right time to target snapper. Reason being, during this time they are normally
aggressive and hungry.

2. Get the Right Rig

Although snapper are known to dwell mostly at the bottom of the water, they can
also spend time in mid and even upper water levels – especially, large snapper
which might be out hunting. Therefore, this provides you with the benefit of
using a variety of rigs to catch snapper. The basic strayline and several hook
dropper rigs are used as supreme rigs to entice the snapper. Use a light sinker
enough to weigh down the strayline in shallow water, to enable the bait to
naturally drift into the reefs and weed beds due to the current. This is where
most snapper normally gather.


3. Select the Appropriate Bait

There are various options that you can use for the snapper bait. One thing you
have to keep in mind is that snapper are not fussy eaters but just
opportunistic. You need to deploy a berley trail on the outset that has a dive
weight, to help draw the snapper out of their hiding terrain then attract them
into your direction. Soft baits also work very well on snapper.
You can rig soft baits with enough room to move and you will be surprised how
much of a big difference that will bring as well as good results.

4. Vertical Jigs

Vertical jigs are known to be quite effective for catching red snapper.
Vertical jigs come in several different colors, patterns, and sizes. They use
the same method of bait which includes dropping straight down over the fish.

  • A notable trick that you need to be aware of about this technique is to use a

    subtle jig when targeting big fish such as amberjacks.

  • Note that sometimes a red snapper might hit a vertical jig that has only been set
    still because the water gives it movement.

5. Octo Jigs

Although octo jigs are good, you might experience several bites from the
snapper. They chew on the lures, and sometimes you might feel a rattly-kind of
bite. Also, when using octo jigs, you should avoid hitting the fish hard or
being too forceful during the fight. The good thing is that there are twin
assist hooks which provide you with aid when hooking up. However, there is
still need for mild pressure when fighting to prevent losing the fish in case
the hooks open up.

More Information

There is a wide selection of bait that snapper takes which makes it even more
appealing fishing for them. Snapper has a lot of benefits to offer and comes in
different varieties. There are several tips that you can learn to help you jig
for snapper in the right way. However, the tips we share here can
work on every type of snapper. Of course, fishing mostly depends on your own
technique, but it’s always good to be aware of a few other techniques that
might come in handy later.

If you are new to catching snapper and want to use the jigging method, you
should not get intimidated. The process is quite simple and offers exceptional
value. The emphasis is on being keen and learning how to approach the entire
process in the right manner, to help you get a good catch on snapper. Here are
the tips on how to jig for snapper today.


Snapper is considered to have plenty of benefits on the human body. Being a
unique type of fish it requires the right tips and approach to get you on track
to making the best catch. Ensure that you follow the tips we have outlined
above to help you out. 

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