How to catch the elusive Lego fish!

You’ve decided it’s worth it to go down the path to become a real fishing legend. You are going to catch the most sought after fish out there, the Lego fish. It’s hardy, it’s multi colored, it’s made plastic and an inch long and it’s your greatest nemesis you’ve never gotten into the boat, because your three year old lost it 45 seconds ago and can’t look for it without your help immediately.

First, let’s take a look at what we are going after.

The Elusive Red Lego Fish in it’s native habitat

As we see above the Red Lego Fish, of the genus Plastico Footus Hurtus, lives in a habitat surrounded by a sea of plastic dimples and has the ability to disappear at any moment and require hours of searching by you, Parentus Frustraticus. Let’s begin our how to guide on catching this little Lego fish fella.

Step one – Dynamite

Lego dynamite

Dynamite seems like a logical first place to start to get that Lego fish straight out of the water. Don’t be scared to give to a try. It might not be legal to use where you live for fishing for trout but in this scenario is a 100% awesome. Light it up and go.

Step two – Batwoman

Lego Batwoman with dynamite

Let Lego Batwoman add a touch of finesse along with the dynamite to get that fish out of the water. She can throw that dynamite like a batarang and you’re on your way.

Step three -Double the Lego Batman and Batwoman is even better

Lego Batwoman and Batman plus dynamite, oh yeah

As John McClane says in Die Hard, welcome to the party pal. Lego Batman has joined forces with Batwoman and they’ve got dynamite. The fish has got to shaking in it’s boots by now. You probably want to put on boots so you don’t step on any stray Legos at this point, just a heads-up.

Step Four – Add in a cannon

Lego Batman with a cannon

Lego Batman not to be outdone now needs to take a weapon of his own, a cannon. Cannon plus dynamite takes you back to the days of pirates in your search for the Lego fish. Argh matey.

Step five – Ax wielding Lego Zombie

Batwoman in top of lego zombie

Batwoman on top of Lego Zombie gives her the viewpoint she needs to see above the rest of the crowd for the Lego Fish…. And the ax it wields adds a level of comfort to know you’ll get that fish in the boat much, much easier as long as that zombie doesn’t eat your brains. Feels like we’re getting close now.

Step Six – Double Zombie and Double Lego Batwoman and Batman

Lego Batman really is a jerk

Not to be outdone again Lego Batman has gotten his own zombie to stand on and this one is missing one hand and has a banana. Who knows what that banana is good for to catch the fish but we’ll find out.

Step Eight – Success

Glorious success!

You did it… but have no idea how. Two zombies standing on the back of a Lego bear with the fish in his mouth with Batwoman and Batman on top of the zombies. Just like your three year old had it planned out the whole time. Congrats now tell your kiddo that they need to pay attention and next they need help on how to catch a Lego fish it will be a breeze to go through the steps again.

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