Flounder Recipes

Flounder is a type of fish found in the deep parts of the ocean and has various subspecies. They are not a popular delicacy, and this is attributed to several reasons. For one, they are quite challenging to clean and do not look meaty due to their flat shape. However, flounder’s white flesh is quite delicious if prepared and cooked expertly. A flounder’s taste is very delicate, and to enjoy the taste of the fish, be careful not to overwhelm it with ingredients and spices. You can create a delicious meal with many elements, but you will miss out on the incredible authentic taste of the flounder. Therefore, its recipe needs to be simple and keep it as natural as possible.

In this article, we look at some of the recipes on how to prepare delicious flounder.

1. Pan-Fried Flounder Fillets With Potatoes and Peas

• Six potatoes

• Butter

• chopped chives

• One tablespoon of all-purpose flour

• Pepper and salt

• Skinned fillets from one flounder Fillets from a flounder

• Two tablespoons of frozen peas


1. Get a pot of salted water and skin the potatoes. Boil potatoes and let them simmer for half an hour.

2. Pour out the water and let the potatoes steam for about 3 minutes. Then add some butter and chives. Swirl to mix it all.

3. Put the peas in boiling water to simmer for about 3 minutes.

4. Spread the flour on a plate. Add season. Use a frying pan to butter melt up to medium-high heat.

5. Powder the fillets from the flounder with the flour on all sides. Gently shake the fillet to remove excess flour then lay it on the pan. Fry the fillet on the pan for about five minutes then turn it over for another five minutes.

6. Remove the fillets and serve onto a plate. Add the potatoes to the plate. Drain the peas and add them too to the plate.

2. Caribbean Flounder Tacos


• Flounder fillets

• A pinch of onion powder

• A pinch of paprika

• A pinch dried thyme

• A pinch cayenne pepper

• black pepper and salt

• 1 cup of coleslaw mix

• One tablespoon lime juice or a quarter of a lime

• A quarter cup of olive oil

• Two small white corn tortillas

• Half cup mango chutney

• Half a cup Reduced-fat sour cream

• Quarter cup Cilantro leaves

• Lime wedges


1. Cut the flounder into equal strips and put them in a bowl. With a small bowl mix the onion powder, a pinch of salt, thyme, a pinch of black pepper, cayenne, paprika, and thyme. Drizzle the spice rub onto the flounder and coat it evenly all around.

2. Place the coleslaw in a bowl and add two teaspoons of oil and lime juice. Swirl to mix. Then flavor the mixture with pepper and salt.

3. Place the pan on the cooker and heat it to medium-high heat then graze the pan with two teaspoons of oil. Put the flounder onto the pan and let it cook for about 3 minutes, then turn it over and let it cook for another three minutes until it darkens, then remove it.

4. Heat the tortillas in the microwave or on a gas oven to warm them up. Spread one tablespoon sour cream along the middle of each tortilla. Then add one tablespoon of Mango Chutney and add some slices of flounder. Top the flounder with some slaw then a few leaves of cilantro. Serve the tacos and add lime wedges separately on the side. Add some lime juice to the top of the taco and enjoy.

3. Baked Whole Flounder with Deep Fried Potato Wedges


• One potato cut into six wedges

• One well-prepared flounder

• Butter

• A peeled and finely sliced shallot

• Cappers- about 5 of them

• Juice from a lemon

• Malt vinegar

• Black pepper and salt


1. Put the potatoes into a pot of salted water. Bring them to a boil and let them simmer for 10 minutes till you see the potatoes start to peel.

2. Drain the pot and place the potato wedges in a plastic dish. Place them in a fridge for about an hour and ensure not to cover them.

3. Once you take the potatoes from the fridge, deep fry them for a few minutes until they start to take on color. Remove and place them on kitchen paper and return them to the refrigerator for another half hour.

4. Set the oven on to preheat to around 375F/190C.

5. Place parchment paper in a roasting tray.

6. Place the flounder on the butter pieces with its dark side up. Scatter the cappers and shallot. Pour the lemon juice over the flounder and sprinkle the salt and pepper

7. Wrap the flounder in the foil to a loosely but sealed package. Allow it to cook in the oven for about 20 minutes.

8. Deep fry the potato wedges again for another five minutes. Once they get golden and crispy remove and place them on a kitchen paper

9. Remove the flounder from the oven and be careful not to get burned by the escaping steam when unwrapping the foil. Place the flounder on a plate and use a spoon to sprinkle some cooking juices.

10. Place the potatoes on to a plate and season them with malt vinegar and some salt.

11. To enjoy the flounder, begin by slowly peeling off the darkened skin. Use your folk to slide the meat off the backbone of the fish easily. The spine should then be easy to remove, allowing you access to the flounder’s meat underneath.


The are many flounder recipes around the world, and different cultures prepare the fish in different ways. The important thing is to simplify these recipes and ensure that your ingredients do not wipe away the authentic taste of the flounder.

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