Catfish Lures

Are you planning to go catfish fishing over the weekend? Well, apart from focusing on finding a right fishing spot, there are essential things that you need to find with the fish lures being the first thing to get. There are hundreds of catfish lures on the market to choose from and to be able to select the best catfish lures, there are essential points that you need to put into consideration first.

The color

The choice of the lure to buy based on the color is mainly influenced by the kind of waters you will be fishing at. For example, if the water is not clear maybe at the lake, you will need to buy bright colored lures to make sure that the catfish will be able to detect it. On the other hand, if you are fishing in clear water, a translucent lure would work just perfect. This kind of color is preferred for the clear water because the baits blend well with the water and helps prevent scaring away the fish that may be on the seas. Before you buy the lure, make sure to know the areas that you will be fishing at since it will assist you to choose the right color for that area.

The weight and the size

The weight of the lure is another crucial thing that you need to focus on when buying it. This is because the weight of the gadget determines where you will be able to fish from. If you are prone to fishing in deep waters, a heavy lure would be ideal for you since it will be comfortable to cast it to the deep waters, unlike the lightweight lure. The same case goes for the size. If you are targeting large catfish, then you need to make sure the bait you purchase is significant as well for proper attracting of the fish.

The scent

Strong smells generally attract fish and if you are using food products for fishing, then ensure that the scent is high such that once you lower the bait in the water, the fish will easily get attracted to it.


Top three best catfish lures 

Rose Kuli fishing lure

This is one of the most recommended lures if you are fishing on the top waters. It is designed in the form of a fish and has a 3D eye that looks just the fish eyes. Other excellent features on the fish lure include the multi-jointed body which is joined together using flexible clothe thus enabling the bait to swim swiftly in the waters. It can be used for fishing in different waters, the speed of its movement in the water is also a great plus, the colors make it easy and possible for one to fish even in the dark times. Additional features on the lure include two rust-free treble hooks which attach the fish immediately once it gets close to the lure. The baits come in different colors for one to choose from depending on their preferred colors.


It is designed in the form of fish.

The hook is durable.

It can be used in different waters.

The lure can be used in different weathers conditions including when there is darkness.

Attaching to the hook is easy.

The equipped hooks on the lure hold the fish firmly.


It is only suitable for fishing in the top waters.


Yogayet Minnow Fishing Lures Hard bait

Note that aside from this lure being functional in catching catfish, you can also use it for capturing other types of fish as it is versatile and reliable. It is crafted in different colors for the user to choose the most suitable color depending on their fishing area. It is ideal for deep fishing as it weighs around 0.4 ounces, it is 4.5 inches long, and it can go a deep length of up to 5.90 ft. The front and the back of the lure are equipped with two stainless steel razor sharp hooks which ensures that the fish is firmly held the moment it gets close to the bait.

The tail of the lure is crafted with lightweight material which ensures that it swiftly swims in the water and this is one feature that attracts the catfish. The color, the eyes and the texture of the lure are designed in the form of a real fish as the way of drawing catfish for an easy catch. The package of the Minnow fishing lure is packed with an extra spare soft tail for replacement. 


The lure is ideal for fishing in different depths of water.

It looks just like a typical fish for natural attracting of the large fish.

It has two hooks for easy catching of fish.

The hooks are crafted with stainless steel material.

It is light in weight making it easy to propel in the waters.


It is a bit pricey than other lures.


Berkley Powerbait Attractant

If other lures are not working for you if you would want something else in fishing this attractant is the perfect choice for catching catfish. It has been tested, and results show that it is among the most effective formula for finding fish on different waters. Note that this product must be used along with your lures or hooks since it enhances their functionality in attracting fish. The attractant is packaged in different bottles for people to choose from and it works magic in drawing the fish thank to its strong smell when lowered in the water. The best part is that this attractant is not washed off by water once you lower the lure hence making it ideal for fishing in deep waters too. 


It is effective.

Lasts for a long time.

Comes in different sizes for one to choose from depending on their budget.

It is quite straightforward to use.

Works quite fast in attracting the fish from the waters.


It has to be used with lures for it to perform better.



If you are looking for the best lures for fishing catfish, consider the above-reviewed lures. They are crafted with excellent features which make it easy for them to attract and catch fish. Make sure to buy the bait from reliable dealers for quality assurance.

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