Information about Catfish

Catfish close up

Do Catfish Have Scales and Fins?

Catfish are a species of fish that are found in almost all parts of the world. Some catfish are kept as pets, while others can also be eaten. Generally, catfish do not have any scales, which also makes this fish unique. When it comes to fins, just like other fish, […]

Group of catfish eating

Do Catfish Eat Other Catfish?

Catfish are opportunistic eaters and will consume whatever food source is available to them. Smaller catfish have been known to feed on their own young or smaller baby fish of the same species. Larger catfish also may consume other adult catfish if they are not getting enough food from their […]

How to Make a Catfish Jug Line?

A jug line is equipment you need for jug fishing, which is basically a fishing method using lines suspended from floating jugs to catch the fish. A bottle is put upside down into the water, and weight is suspended from it using a thread to keep it afloat. Usually, many […]

When Do Catfish Eat?

If you want to catch catfish in the wild, you need to know when they eat to time your next angling trip accordingly. You must be wondering, do catfish even have a schedule like humans when they eat their meals? Unlike humans, catfish eat all day whenever they can find […]

How to Fish for Catfish off a Bank?

Bank fishing is perfect for some seasons and some catfish species. Bank fishing is actually similar to normal fishing, but it is important to select the right time of the day for this type of fishing. The most common catfish is channel catfish which is found in almost all rivers, […]

Are Catfish Good for a Pond?

The thing about catfish is that there are many different sizes, each with different needs and requirements because there are so many different types. Therefore, some catfish are good for being in a pond, which is a good home for them for many reasons. The catfish you catch will thrive […]

Do Catfish Like Cinnamon?

The thing about catfish is that people have been using many different techniques to catch them, so you will find many different bait items. Of course, different people will have different opinions about one bait item, but cinnamon usually works for attracting catfish that use their barbels to find food. […]

What is an Electric Catfish?

In the family Malapteruridae, the genera Malapterurus and Paradoxoglanis contain a total of 18 species of freshwater catfish found throughout tropical Africa. To protect itself and catch prey, the catfish can release a shock of up to 450 volts. The jolt also aids in their exploration of the surrounding area. […]

What is Noodling for Catfish?

Catfish noodling is a fishing method. The most unusual American fishing activity has to be catfish noodling. Many fishermen don’t even consider it fishing. It’s no surprise that this is a hotly debated issue in the world of freshwater sportsmen. Southerners and Midwesterners spend their summers elbow-deep in water and […]