Information about Catfish

Catfish all together

How Do Catfish Defend Themselves?

Catfish use camouflage, spines, and distinctive behaviors such as pretending to be dead or producing a poisonous substance to avoid exploring and surviving in their aquatic surroundings. Catfish are known for their sharp barbs and spines that they use to protect themselves from predators. These barbs and spines are on […]

Channel Catfish in a river

How Do Catfish Adapt to Freshwater?

Every fish needs to adapt to its surroundings, and that is done through centuries of mutation and evolution. One such fish is the catfish, which has adapted to its freshwater habitat through various features that allow it to survive in freshwater. Freshwater catfish have whiskers, barbels, and other features like stinging […]

Frog in a pond

Will A Catfish Eat Frogs?

Certain species of catfish will indeed consume frogs, provided the frogs are of a size that the catfish can manage. As opportunistic feeders, catfish have a diverse diet and tend to consume whatever edible organisms are within their reach, and this can include small to medium-sized frogs. Therefore, whether a […]


Will a Catfish Eat Gar?

Gar is a fish found in freshwater and sometimes in saltwater as well. These usually do not have a use and are seen as pests. However, some people like eating gar, as it tastes decent enough, but could this gar be used as catfish bait? Well, most people believe that […]

Saltwater Catfish - Gaff topsail catfish on a cutting board

Can You Eat Saltwater Catfish?

People can eat saltwater catfish, but they have a reputation for having a strong taste and a lot of small bones. They could be more popular when it comes to food. However, they can be cooked in various ways to make an item for a delicious meal. One thing to […]

Bag of Armored Catfish

What Is an Armored Catfish?

The armored catfish (family Loricariidae) is an algivorous nocturnal fish with a prominent sucker on where their mouth is. When conditions are right, loricariids can grow up to three feet long. The bony plates that cover their bodies are what make them famous. Habitat In tropical South America, Costa Rica, […]

Catfish head and Backbone

Do Catfish Have Backbones?

Catfish have a backbone. The backbone of a catfish does many things, like protecting vital organs, helping the fish move, and hold the body together. Like other vertebrates, most fish have a backbone at the center of their nervous system. Catfish are known all over the world for their unique whiskers. […]

Gilded Catfish, also called Jau

What is a Gilded Catfish?

The Dorado, also known as the Gilded Catfish, is a South American/Bolivian Amazon native species that originated in Wild Colombia and is known as the freshwater champion. A cute fact about this almost extinct species is that they can migrate over distances of nearly 800 kilometers throughout their lives, making […]