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Is the pangasius fish dangerous

Are Pangasius Fish Dangerous?

The pangasius fish is unfortunately considered dangerous for humans by some countries. Not because it can attack humans but because it is toxic for humans to consume. The fish is a famous sport fish, but it is also consumed in some places, although many countries now believe it to be […]

Wild Pangasius in a package

Where are Pangasius Native to?

Pangasius fish originated in Southeast Asia, specifically in the Mekong River in Vietnam. However, they are distributed across the whole of Southeast Asia and South Asia. Pangasius fish belongs to the catfish family. Catfish are the type of fish with barbels resembling a cat’s whiskers. This fish is a freshwater […]

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How Big Can a Pangasius Fish Get?

Pangasius is a medium- to large catfish found in South and Southeast Asia. It can have a diverse size range. The adult pangasius fish can reach a size of almost 10 feet. However, only some of the fish from this species reach this size, and it is rare to see […]

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What is a Pangasius Fish?

Pangasius fish are termed both basa and swai fish. They are found commonly in Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, etc. They are more famous in Asia, as they are now farmed in countries like Bangladesh and India. A Pangasius fish is a type of catfish. They are from the […]

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Are Wels Catfish an Invasive Species?

The Wels catfish displays the characteristics of an invasive species. The Wels catfish is considered invasive when found in areas outside its natural habitat. The Wels catfish is not introduced in the US because of its invasive tendencies. Wels catfish have a vast habitat, and they are found all over […]

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How Big Can a Wels Catfish Get?

The Wels catfish can get as large as 15 feet. That is the size equivalent to six mini fridges! So, the Wels catfish is enormous, and since it is a catfish, it also weighs a ton, making the fish seem even bigger than humans. Wels catfish are generally very big, […]

Wels Catfish illustration

Are Wels Catfish Dangerous?

Wels Catfish is somewhat dangerous. There have been instances of the Wels catfish attacking humans, but is it the fish’s fault? Many times, the fish is blamed for an attack when it is provoked. Regardless, Wels catfish is a giant fish, so staying safe when encountering it is best. Wels […]

Also known as a sheatfish

What is a Wels Catfish?

The Wels catfish is one of the largest species of catfish. They are mainly native to broad southern, eastern, and central European areas. They are found in the Baltic, Black, and Caspian Seas. In Western Europe, it is known as a prized sport fish. It is also found in the […]