Best places in the US to fish for cod

If you have not tasted cod, then you have nothing to brag about in the experience of tastingfish. One of the delicious fishes that you should be talking about is thecodfish. It is delicious with a taste that goes beyond the fishy taste. Ittastes mildly fishy. In other words, it does not have the extreme taste offish, but that is very attractive. When cooked, it turns white but not verysoft unless it is overcooked. Where can you get this variety of fish? Here arethe best places in the United States of America where you can do the codfishing and expect a good turn out:

1. The New England Coastal region

This is where you can get the Atlantic cod. Codfish is native in the North AtlanticOcean region ranging from the North Carolina to Greenland and the east ofScandinavia. The cod in these areas are big when fully grown. They can be up to34 inches long and 12 pounds in weight for inshore code and 42 inches long oreven 6 feet for the offshore cod. In most cases, they are red-brown with awhite underbelly.

Just like any other type of fish, cod fishing in this region has regulations. There areseasons when you are not allowed to go fishing cod so that they can repopulateagain and even grow to their ideal size. Therefore, when you opt to fish inthis region, you have to be given a permit to do the fishing if you want to doit on a large scale. This only happens when the shores are open for fishingusually during spring and in early summer.

2. Florida Keys

We got you a cod fishing paradise. You can get varieties of fish with cod being a majority.Well, most people visit this region just for fun and recreational activities.However, with a fishing permit, you can get to the waters and get a good numberof cod fish. You only got to go for the best fishing method that is popular inthat area. Cod is found in the deep waters, and so you have to get deep to theAtlantic Ocean preferably along the warm gulf streams. The Florida Keys is oneof the best sources of the cod fish which people go for in the restaurants.Fishing in this region can be very fulfilling especially during summer whendogfish are rare.

3. The outer banks in the North Carolina

This is where you can use many methods for fishing. Cod fishing is very lovely in thisplace due to the high number of cod in this area. Even if you are practicinghaving fun fishing, you will catch something during spring. You can do charterfishing, braking fishing as well as other types but still, take something home.You can even opt for a head boat fishing which is one of the best in thisplace. With this, you can do the hook and bait fishing. It could be luck thatwill draw you to catching fish, but the chances of getting one or two cod aregood. You do not have to sail the boat, because such services are being offeredand then you are free to go fishing with your family and kids.

4. Bighorn River in Montana

So, you thought that cod fishing could only be done in the oceans? You did not get itright. A cod can be found even in the large rivers like the Bighorn River. Ifyou are in the United States and you have a fishing agenda, this happens to bea must visit the place. It is believed that rivers usually flow to tribal lands.There are some parts that you will not get access to fishing. However, thereare public access fishing sports that you can visit. There might be limits onwhat you are expected to catch so that the fisheries can be maintained. The codare not as plentiful here, but you could still have a good fishing experience.Do not be worried about where you are going to spend while there. There areseveral good hotels for you like the Bighorn Resort which can grant you anenjoyable stay in the place as you venture in code fishing.


Cod fishing can be exciting especially when you get to catch one which is fully grown. Someare even heavier than real children so be ready for a fight if you get one ofthose on the line. If you can get one of the big cods out of the water withyour rod and reel you will have a great experience, and a better fish to eat. Here’sto fishing!

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