Best mahi mahi fishing in the world

The Hawaiian dolphin fish is called Mahi Mahi. Not to be confused with dolphins, which is a mammal, can be found in these fish in tropical waters around the world. There are two types of dolphin fish sold as Mahi Mahi, a common dolphin fish and the pompano dolphin. Mahi Mahi does not live a very long life, which is normally from 4 to 5 years. It ranges from an average of 2- 5 pounds but can grow to 70 pounds and the length of 6 feet, but fish that weigh more than 39 pounds are rare. It is one of the fastest swimmers in the world who reaches a speed of 50 miles per hour.

  • The popularity of Mahi Mahi dishes

Mahi Mahi has become a more and more famous and used as an available sporting fish from all over the world. When you process fillets appropriately, Mahi Mahi produces a dense sliced white rose perfectly suited for cooking in a gas or charcoal kitchen. Serve with potatoes and grilled corn on the ears and asparagus spears, which is a meal, not you or your guests will forget soon!
Mahi Mahi is famous for both sport and commercial fishing, and there are in restaurants all over the world. When alive, it is a very colorful fish with the back of a belly light blue-green with gold pigments, but these colors fade when the fish die. Mahi Mahi contains a slice of great flaky meat with a delicious and delicate taste in the measure and moderate fat content. The flesh is pink to a certain extent and remains moist shortly after cooking. The fantastic way to prepare Mahi Mahi is to grill, griddle or fry it.

Where to fish for mahi mahi?

They are often found in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Hawaii and the coast of South America. Let’s see these places one by one for more details.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s rich coastline provides some of the best fishing spots in the world, each side of the coast has options. On the Pacific side, you’re spoiled for choice with an opportunity to catch Mahi Mahi and more. On the Caribbean side of the country’s great Petra you can find mahi mahi and gold too.


To get the best Mahi Mahi fishing in the world, you have to look at the traditional destination, in Scotland. There are four great rivers in the country. These attract a large group of fishermen from all over the world who are looking for the best types of fishing for Mahi Mahi. Some destinations in Scotland may often require the use of a helicopter to get to the fishing you are looking for.

Gold Coast

Mahi mahi are trapped in the gold coast during the summer months. Here, you can discover Mahi Mahi using a variety of techniques, including direct elevation, identity theft, spinning, dead waterline and attractive. They respond well to the temptation of a small skirt medium in a variety of colors of diameter 6-8 knots, and it is often taken as trolling, while for tuna or needle.
Also, you can discover Mahi Mahi during January, February and December. It is necessary to put live bait at different depths below the balloons and preferably trap them in the track along the current Burley line. If you cannot get a sample of a floating neighborhood, the Abash stones that do not carry weights in Burley’s way can also be very useful. Mahi Mahi responds well to Burley and often swim directly in the back of the boat in large schools, and when this happens, you can flick the bait or spinner directly.


It is found in the Mediterranean and is well placed to offer some of the best fishing in the area. The area is full of Mahi Mahi, and tuna is the common catch. The island is also famous for underwater fishing for Mahi Mahi, which is worth looking at, although you do not expect much luck if you are an early beginner. The fishing opportunities in Mahi Mahi are one of the reasons why many people in Sicily take private cruises to the island.


It can be said that the Bahamas is home to the great game of hunting in the waters that surround the islands and they harbor some great species like Mahi Mahi. Fishing records are established in the Bahamas almost every year, as some of the best fishermen in the world try to throw their reels. The Abacus Islands are particularly good for the big game, with a lot of tournaments throughout the summer.

The entrance of Saint Lucia – Stuart Florida

During the winter months, Mahi Mahi migrate south of the east coast of Florida from Carolinas and provide excellent traffic to catch some fish. The months of winter offer an amazing opportunity to fill your file with large fish. The average fish during the winter is about 10 pounds, while the average thickness is about 20 pounds. Locally, large fish appear in April and push north towards the Gulf along the Gulf Stream until early June. The average weight of Mahi Mahi goes up to 20 pounds with a lot of fish in the 30-pound range.
Many fish over 60 pounds are caught each year. Mahi Mahi is very aggressive, sometimes eating multiple baits, and it is not uncommon to have 20 fish swimming around the boat at the same time in the heat of migration.


Mexico has been named the maritime capital of the world and one of the top mahi mahi fishing destinations in the world. The region has a strict policy of liberation, which has helped to increase Mahi Mahi’s population. The fishing season continues throughout the year, but the peak months are between May and December. Although Mexico is not known as the destination of super yachts, it has a long coastline to explore. That is where you can catch Mahi Mahi without much trouble.

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