Best baits for mahi mahi fishing

Fishermen from all over the world look for Mahi Mahi fish for their delicious meat andflavor. Mahi Mahi is a very sweet fish when it is cooked well.  

Where can you fish for Mahi mahi?

Mahi Mahi is a fish found in warm tropical waters around the world. In North America, themahi mahi is captured along the Pacific coast, especially on the coast of CostaRica, in the Gulf of California, and the Atlantic Ocean from Florida to NewJersey.

Where To Find Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi likes to feed on or near the surface under a warm tropical sun, so you canimagine that Mahi Mahi will seek protection under or near anything that canfloat on the surface of the ocean. If you are out in the water and you findyourself with a large amount of floating grass you may well be near where doradofish would like to be.

The best baits for mahi mahi fishing

Mahi Mahi often eats traditional baitfish such as sardines and Pacific mackerel. Theselarge fish eat large baits. Mahi Mahi have relatively small mouths, but it is amazinghow they can swallow relatively large bait. Here are some of the best fishingbaits for Mahi Mahi.

Pitch Bait

One of the bloodiest methods for large fish is to keep a 20-pound thread with small andmedium stones. If a large Mahi Mahi fish appears around the periphery of aschool of smaller fish, then you can throw out the pitch bait. When you do thisyou are hoping to get the dolphin fish (another name for mahi) to bite on yourline you have in by luring them in with the pitch bait.

Weedless Ballyhoo

To manipulate it, run the hook point through the gill slot located in the ballyhooand exit through the throat directly. Pull the hook through most of the hook,then reverse the hook and insert it back into the bait. Once the hook is placedin a non-binding place, push the mounting device through the trap and get thebait hooked using a cable. You can pass the wire via the eyes of the bait, thenmake tight rolls around the head and behind the bears and in front of it, andthe length of the way down, with a few turns in the leader.

Bait Chunks

The standard for Mahi Mahi is still this. A piece of ballyhoo merely is broken on a hook ofa live bait type 4/0 to 6/0 connected to a 50 lb test lead in a 12 or 20 lb.The leader often measures 15 to 20 feet tall for Mahi Mahi. In this way, when acommander is trapped after catching a fish or two, he can only cut it a fewcentimeters, repeat it and find another fish in a short time.

Live Weed-Line Baits

You can apply this type of bait by using other fish that have been discarded or thathave been clinging to weeds. These other fish are the natural food of mahi mahi.Place these baits in a bucket of seawater with five gallons to keep them ready.Then, run one on a hook like a 2/0 or 3/0 live bait, which is installed on a20-pound fluorocarbon leader and an 8-pound lightweight lighter. The bulbcarries a reasonable distance, and the light device allows an attractive bath.

Small Trolling Lures

When looking for mahi mahi fish, keep at least two sets decorated with loose little hoops.The best color combinations are blue, white, green and orange. This type oflure mimics the size of the flying fish, the preferred food for mahi mahi fishand the rigors of faster moving speeds than natural grafts. When you get yourtarget, it is good to find another possible place, such as a free board or alarge amount of weed, slow down the ship at a reasonable fishing speed and makesome passes. If the Mahi Mahi fish around, they will ambush this type of trollinglure.


Mahi Mahi Fish mostly like what we call semi speed troll. That is not too slow, and it isnot fast. You can put steel on a holder then leave the line on the rear side ofthe vessel. You can place one on the side of the ship from thirty to fiftymeters. You can increase the speed of fishing in the boat so that the bait ison the surface and skip the front of the bait out of the water. Sometimes, youcan hunt four bars, back and forth from fifty to sixty meters, half a turn anda taste near the vessel in the sink.

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