Best Cod Surface Lures

When it comes to fishing for cod specifically when using surface lures, there are a few
things you will want to keep in mind. With many different types of these lures
available, it can seem overwhelming at first determining which ones are the
best to use to suit your specific needs. We will be going over the top 5
surface lures to use to be successful while fishing for cod. Although the type
of fishing rod and reel that you will be using to catch cod is important, we will be
spending the time to go more in depth on the type of lures to use.

Rebel Lures Bumble Bug

This fishing lure is sure to aid you in all your fishing endeavors, especially when fishing
for cod. Realistic looking, fish are drawn to this surface lure, and it is sure
to stay on top of the water, in order to bring a cod to the surface. Coupled
with the correct bait, this lure will make it easy to catch and reel in any
fish that you are trying to catch. This lure features a wide wobbling action
and is very light which makes it an ideal lure for any type of fishing. The
only major downside to this lure being lightweight is that you will not be able
to cast it very far, and that can cause your fishing trip to be less
successful. That being said, this is still a very nice surface lure that should
be considered when fishing for cod.

Bassdash Fly Fishing Kit

One of the major attracting factors to this surface lure is the fact that it is a kit, and
for the price this option is very desirable. This kit comes with 64 flies in
various styles and colors, which means regardless of the type of fish you are
trying to catch, there is an option in this kit. In addition to the 64 flies in
this kit, it also comes with a waterproof box to store all of the surface
lures. These lures are sure to give you the advantage you need, especially when
fishing for cod. Extremely durable and lightweight, the casting radius of these
lures is more wide-reaching than the before mentioned Rebel Lure; this will
take some of the guess work out of fishing for cod. This product weighs only 3
ounces; and there are no major cons to this product. It is sure to help you
catch the most agile and fast fish in the water.

Berkley PowerBait Surface Lure

This realistic looking surface lure comes in a pack of 10, and has a very high
casting ability, with a wide radius. The red eyes on this lure are one of the
most attractive features, as it will help to catch the attention of bigger fish.
Lightweight enough to stay on the surface of the water yet just heavy enough
that it will enable you to cast it further than the other lures that are
mentioned above. This lure is small enough that most fish will be able to hold
it in their mouth, which will give you more opportunity to ensure that the hook
catches on. Another great thing about this lure is the fact that they do feel
and smell like real worms, which is great when fishing for cod. When it comes to
fishing for cod you will want to make sure that the lures you are using are
more colorful, as this will attract their attention more. Due to the size and
weight of the Berkley Powerbait surface lure, you will easily be able to mimic
the movements of small fish and frogs, which will help to catch the attention
of the fish in water. Definitely a great product for the cost.

Sougayilang Surface Fishing Lure

These surface lures come in a 10 piece set; they weigh 0.44 ounces and are 3.54
inches in length. These lures are very colorful and full of detail. They
realistically look like real fish swimming in the water, and can be used in
both fresh and salt water. Extremely strong and durable, yet light weight
enough that you can cast a far distance, taking the guess work out of catching cod.
These specific lures are designed to provoke the fish and mimic the movements
of smaller fish. Made with quality components and material, you will be able to
use these lures on multiple casts, making it a great value for the money.
Although this is a great product for the money, it is worth noting that they do
not come with a case, so you may want to plan accordingly.

Reeldiculous Surface Cast Crankbate Lure

The final surface lure on the list, this lure is very colorful and versatile, making it a
great choice when fishing for cod. Coming with a high carbon steel treble hook,
and with the top attractant colors, any type of fish will be hard pressed to
avoid this lure. Extremely durable yet lightweight, the Reeldiculous lure will
ensure that you are able to catch even the most evasive fish with relative
ease. Lightweight enough to sit on the surface of they water, yet just heavy
enough to allow you to cast it far. The natural movement of this lure will aid
in attractive a wide variety of fish, making your fishing adventures fun and
exciting. When purchasing these lures, it is important to note that they are
sold individually, but it is well worth the money; they come in a wide variety
of colors. A great option for all of your fishing endeavors, but especially
when it comes to cod.


We hope this article was helpful, and the information that you take away will help you when
fishing for any type of game, but especially for cod. All the lures mentioned
above are surface lures, and they are all fantastic options to up your fishing
game, and help you catch even the most agile of fish so you can have a great experience or meal at the end of the day.

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