Dragontail Tenkara Shadowfire 360 12-inch Fly Fishing Rod

A proper fishing rod is essential on your fishing trips since it will make the experience more fulfilling. You must pick a rod that perfectly complements the methods you put into practice while fishing. There are plenty of fishing rod kinds in the market available now that cater to different techniques and types of fish. For the tenkara method of fishing, we have Dragontail’sTenkaraShadowfire, a 12-inch model meant for that particular kind of angling style.


  • Quality 12-inch tenkara rod made with lightweight IM 10 graphite
  • Can handle medium-sized fishes
  • Complete tenkara starter package includes 3 soft hackle tenkara flies, Moonlit line/leader, EVA foam line holder, tube for storage, rod sock and tippet
  • Can be assembled within minutes
  • Does not include reel
  • Has 6:4 action and 9 parts, weighs 2.9 ounces
  • Collapsible to 20.5 inches for portability
  • Made in the USA


Pole fishing is considered as one of the most ancient fishing methods that is still being practiced today. This involves reel-less fishing—the line is fastened to the utmost end of the pole and then flung out. This particular style of fishing has been practiced in Asian countries for centuries.

The Japanese method of pole fishing is called tenkara. Tenkara involves making use of a lengthy pole measuring around 10-15 feet. The line is typically a narrowing and wind up line and the fly that it employs is the same as Western fly fishing.

Due to its straightforwardness, tenkara can be enjoyed by both casual and avid fishers. When employing a style of fishing like tenkara, all you have to do is use a fly lure and fling the line into the water, and then check whether a fish will come and take the bait. It is a simple method compared to Western fly fishing since this technique involves the use of certain reels and casting methods.

You can get tenkara poles easily these days and, in fact, we have the Dragontail Tenkara Shadowfire available now. The model has the similar features of the equipment one uses for pole fishing or Western fly fishing, but the difference lies in the hackle wet-fly, which is reverse in the tenkara method. The Shadowfire includes 3 soft hackle tenkara flies, so if you want a genuine tenkara experience, you can go for this product from Dragontail.

The rod includes a regular rod sleeve and tube. It has a flat grey color with maroon hues on the lower part of the handle. Altogether, it has a good combo of colors that makes the product more eye-catching. The handle has a decent quality cork with the typical quantity of filler on it.

It measures 26 centimeters and features a slight camel for a dual hump form. It grips nicely and is quite comfortable. The winding check is made with nickel metal and it can fit securely against the cork handle’s top. You will also notice a short segment of cork composite at the end of the handle while the wind check coverings have a black color.

The tip plug is regular wood with a rubber insert. It fits tightly into the handle section’s tip. The butt cap is made with black anodized metal and has a curled border and a coin slot which helps in removal. The rod section features a slight gold highlight which balances well with the dark charcoal gray of the blank. The rod has a collapsible length of 52 centimeters and it measures 362 centimeters when completely extended.

The Shadowfire 360 was capable of casting in a smooth and even manner. It has a good balance with just the right amount of tip heaviness. You can go ahead and test out a variety of level lines on the item, but a number 3.5 will work best on this rod.

When it comes to precision, the product displayed decent performance and you can pretty much position the fly just about anywhere you want to be even with the presence of moderate breeze. We tested the item in a location with a reasonable quantity of vegetation. This fishing rod performed perfectly and is a good size for streams, ponds and small-medium rivers. The rod was also capable of handling fishes in the average gradient current.

Overall, the majority of customers who bought the rod were satisfied with it. According to them it was well-made and displayed a flex that is ideal for smooth demonstrations. Many were also impressed that it can handle bigger fish like trout. In addition, the item is also affordable, which is another benefit. It has a reasonable price and great performance – making it a product that has a great value for your money.

Those who were new when it comes to tenkara rods did not find anything to complain about the product either. The cork on the handle has good quality and beginner customers were content with its performance.


One customer was not satisfied with the product that he acquired, saying that the carbon fiber parts of the item were a challenge to the telescope. The problem increased in the succeeding days. The same customer added that he practiced all proper maintenance and care steps on the item and he kept it inside its rod sock on fishing trips, yet he still had some difficulties telescoping the item smoothly. Eventually, the product became unusable when 4 of the parts sealed up and refused to budge.


Despite a manufacturing defect, Dragontail’s Tenkara Shadowfire 360 is still something that you have to check out, especially if you are interested in the tenkara manner of fishing.

Many customers provided positive feedback and they all agreed that it is well-made, strong and durable and displayed smooth casting.  In terms of accuracy, the Dragontail’s Tenkara Shadowfire 360 did well too. For its price, you can bet that this is money well spent. It is affordable as well, so if you are a beginner in the world of fishing, you may want to try out the tenkara style first with this item.


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