Do Catfish Like Cinnamon?

The thing about catfish is that people have been using many different techniques to catch them, so you will find many different bait items. Of course, different people will have different opinions about one bait item, but cinnamon usually works for attracting catfish that use their barbels to find food. Bait alone can help you catch catfish, but you also need proper technique.

You can add cinnamon oil or powder when making bait for the catfish. It will work great for attracting the catfish because of the scent. Catfish cannot see properly, so they live in muddy conditions. They use their barbels to look for food around them, and these barbels are sensitive to smells. Cinnamon is one scent that can attract a catfish.

Many other scents can be used to attract catfish, such as garlic, blood, anise oil, etc. Basically, things that smell strongly are used to attract catfish because these fish stay hidden and only come out when they smell food. To catch them, it is important to attract the fish with bait that it will come out for.


How to use cinnamon for catfish?

There are many ways that you can use cinnamon when making catfish bait. However, you must have some base recipes that determine the bait food type and add cinnamon. This, of course, requires time and dedication and some people want to do this and prefer store-bought bait instead.

Five types of stink baits can be made for catfish. These are:

    • Punch baits

    • Dip baits

    • Blood baits

    • Sponge baits

    • Dough baits

You can add cinnamon during the preparation, but only some of these baits can be made at home. There is one that you can try to make at home, and that is punch bait, so here is the recipe for that. This bait is also one of the best ones to use.

Making punch bait

Punch bait is a name given to the type of bait that sticks to the hook. Basically, you take the metal hook with nothing on it and put it in the bait, then punch the hook with a stick to immerse it in the bait. After it comes out, the hook will be covered with bait, which can then be used to lure catfish.

For this, the main ingredient is cheese. You can use scraps of any cheese but avoid nacho cheese, which is way too flavored and has chemicals that the fish will not like. If you try making bait with normal cheese, it will cost way too much, so it is best to use very cheap cheese.


    • 6 lbs. cheese trimmings

    • 2 lbs. wet meat like shrimp, beef, chicken liver, mullet

    • 1 large cattail

    • 30 cotton pads

    • 1 cup bread flour

    • 1 tbsp cinnamon powder or oil

This lengthy process requires the cheese to be kept in a warm place for at least a week or several months to increase the smell. Then, you also need to dehydrate the meat at 150 F until it is completely dry and can be turned into powder.

The method

    • Take a crock pot and add cheese in it to melt the cheese

    • Then add the meat, cattail, and cinnamon powder in it and combine thoroughly

    • Slowly add cotton balls, five at a time, till no clumps remain

    • Add the bread flour in

    • Divide into containers

    • Let it sit outside in a warm place for a week at least

    • Then transfer it to a cool place like a fridge

    • Darin off any separated oil, or it will make the mixture too runny

Homemade stink bait with cinnamon

If you want to learn more recipes with cinnamon, here are some tried and true ones that might stink but will work like a charm. If you want to experience homemade bait, it is best to start with one of these because a lot of bait found online needs to be fixed.

Paste stink bait

This bait has the consistency of a paste and needs to be stored in a cool, dry place, like a fridge. Make sure to have a separate fridge for these stinky baits.


    • 3 lbs. of over ripened cheese¬†

    • 3 lbs. of chicken liver

    • 3 lbs. of blood

    • 1 tbsp of cinnamon powder or oil

    • Flour as needed

    • Cod liver oil, as needed


    • Cut the cheese into small cubes that are easy to handle

    • Put the cheese in a large container that also has a lid

    • Mash the cheese by adding the appropriate amount of hot water but make sure not to use too much water

    • Pulverize the meat and blood together in a blender

    • Combine the two pastes by adding the meat and blood mixture into the cheese one and mix it thoroughly

    • Add the cinnamon at this point and stir it in

    • Now close the lid of the container but make sure to remove as much air as possible from it beforehand

    • Ferment the mixture for at least a week and keep removing the gasses formed regularly so as not to blow the lid off

After the fermentation process, add enough flour and cod liver oil that it forms a paste


Now you know that catfish like cinnamon, which is an interesting ingredient when making homemade bait. If you were on the fence about using it, this article persuaded you to try it. It will be a great replacement if you do not have garlic or other spices.

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