Fishing Rod Advice

Buying a fishing rod

Buying A Fishing Rod

Are you interested in fishing? Do you have the patience and skill to have what it takes to catch fish? Well, in order to start fishing you need to buy a fishing rod. Below I have included five of my favourite fishing rods that I think you will love. Hopefully […]

How to use a fishing rod

How To Use a Fishing Rod

Fishing is a very fun and challenging hobby! Not only do you get fresh air and healthy exercise, but you are able to develop your skills and bring home a delicious fresh fish for dinner. However, many people who are curious about fishing will be overwhelmed by the amount of […]

How to build a fishing rod

How To Build Fishing Rod

With so many fishing rods and complete rod-and-reel fishing sets, you don’t actually need to build a fishing rod. However, there is a special satisfaction in customizing your own gear. It is just like the feeling you get from eating a meal you made from a fish you caught: you’re […]