Buying A Fishing Rod

Are you interested in fishing? Do you have the patience and skill to have what it takes to catch fish? Well, in order to start fishing you need to buy a fishing rod. Below I have included five of my favourite fishing rods that I think you will love. Hopefully this guide to buying a fishing rod will help you along your way!

The Pflueger President

The Pflueger President Spinning Reel and Rod Combo is a great way to get into fishing. It comes with nine stainless steel ball bearings, allowing you to maximize the amount of fish you can catch in a trip.

In an instant, you can anti-reverse your bearing by pressing a simple on and off switch. It is extremely lightweight and has a graphite body and rotor. It comes complete with a smooth multi-disc drag system, that is also made out of stainless steel and an oiled felt washer. The Pflueger is a fantastic buy and I highly recommend it! 

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Shakespeare UglyStik GX2 Baitcast Rod and Reel

One fishing rod brand is the Shakespeare Rod and Reel. It is 6’6 inches and has a 1 ball bearing with graphite spool. The line it can take weighs 12 pounds. What is great about the Shakespeare is it has a lightweight graphite frame fully complete with a double paddle aluminum handle.

I have found this handle to be extremely comfortable and fantastic to use. The magnetic cast control is adjustable. Furthermore, the Shakespeare comes with a 7 year warranty, which is a fantastic addition. This fishing rod brand is one I definitely recommend.

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The Fishing Rod Kit with the Ultralight Spinning Rod

Another fishing rod brand is the Fishing Rod Kit that comes with the Ultralight Spinning Rod. This is a prime example of a travelling fishing rod as it can be completely collapsed. It measures at 1.5 metres and is entirely made out of carbon fibre.

What is really cool about this fishing reel is that it can easily detach from the rod and also collapse into just 13 inches, and weighing 3.5 ounces. This is perfect for backpacking, kayaking, and all kinds of travel.

As well it also comes with a protective tackle box that has been proven to be extremely tough when faced with hard times. Another great feature, is the Fishing Rod Kit’s 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you aren’t fully satisfied with the product, you can easily return it within 30 days! This is the ultimate transportable fishing kit!

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Orvis Clearwater 5-weight, 8’6” Fly Rod               

The Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod is one of my favourite purchases I have made. I have used it on secluded brook trout steams all the way to Freestone Rivers located in the west. This fly rod has been made primarily for mid-sized trout and I have caught my fair share with it.

The best part is it has been made out of incredible material. It can handle large foam-bodied flies while excelling to get you that exceelent catch. It is versatile and has yet to let me down. This is definitely one of the best fishing rods for the more experienced fisherman.

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Penn Pursuit II 6000 Fishing Rod

The Penn Pursuit Fishing Rod is the most professional fishing rod brand I have included on this list today. It is actually used by professionals all around the world because it is made with the highest quality of components.

The blank is made out of graphite composite and the reel seats are as well. There are EVA grips attached to the rod, making it very comfortable to hold. It is extremely lightweight and corrosion-resistant. It only weighs 2 pounds, and it still is such a professional quality.

This rod should be used primarily for fishing in saltwater, and it is too large to be used in a freshwater pond. I have been using it countless times. That being said, if you are a beginner I would lean away from the Penn Pursuit Fishing Rod as it has been built for a more advanced fisherman. Take a look at a cheaper brand so you don’t waste your money on one that is too difficult to use.

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So, there you have it! These are five of the best fishing rods that you can buy on the market today. I wish you all the best!

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