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Closeup of catfish focused on its eyes

Do Catfish Have Good Eyesight?

Catfish generally have good eyesight, which helps them hunt for prey and navigate for food. However, their eyesight depends on the time of day, the water conditions, specialized habitat, age, perception of threat, and many other factors. Depending on these factors, the power and utility of their eyesight change. This […]

Red tail Catfish

What is the Difference between Catfish and Bullhead?

There are differences between Catfish and Bullhead in terms of distribution, habitat, diet, appearance, taste, and many other factors. Though they belong to the same family, these differences arise due to their differences in the lower classification levels. Classification difference between Catfish and Bullhead Catfish and Bullhead are both freshwater […]


Can You Use Marshmallows to Catch Catfish?

Catfish are a popular catch for many anglers, but the question remains: can you use marshmallows to catch catfish? Marshmallows are a common bait for catching fish, especially in the case of trout and carp. However, when it comes to catfish, there is some debate among anglers about whether or […]

Mudfish drawing vector

Can You Hold a Mudfish? Tips and Guidelines

Mudfish, also known as bowfin, are freshwater fish that can be found in North America. They are known for their tough, armor-like scales and their ability to breathe air. First, it’s important to understand that mudfish have sharp teeth and powerful jaws. They are also known to be aggressive when […]

Bank Fishing

How to Bank Fish for Catfish

If you’re looking for a relaxing and rewarding way to spend an afternoon, bank fishing for catfish might be the perfect activity for you. Not only is it a great way to enjoy the outdoors, but it can also be an exciting way to catch some delicious fish. However, if […]

Filleted Mudfish

Can You Eat Mudfish?

You can eat Mudfish, which are entirely edible but not popular. There’s a myth about Mudfish being inedible and dangerous to eat, but that is untrue. These freshwater fishes are often called “Trash Fish” because fishermen don’t prize them for their low value and have misconceptions about them. This article […]