Information about Catfish

How To Fish For Catfish

Catfish are freshwater fish found in moderate climates usually in lakes, rivers, and ponds. Their common name arises from their distinctive antennae that look like the whiskers of a cat. Catfish are slender with a mucus-covered body and usually, they have no scales, making them easy to identify during fishing. […]

Catfish Information

Catfish are one of the most distinct fish out here because of their appearance courtesy of their whiskers, that are like those of a cat. There are several species of these fish all over the world apart from one in Antarctica. They thrive well in fresh water. Catfish traits They […]

4 Best Catfish Rods Review and Buying Guide

How To Choose A Catfish RodFishing for Catfish is much less subtle than most fishing. When you’re thinking about picking up your first specialized rod, there are three things you should know catfish fishing:Catfish are always keen to take the baitThey’ll put up a good fight andSometimes, they’re seriously big […]