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Fried catfish, Yum!

What Is the Difference Between Catfish and Snapper?

Catfish and snapper are two distinct types of fish with several differences. They belong to different families, with catfish belonging to the Siluriformes family while snappers belong to the Lutjanidae family. Their physical appearance varies significantly; catfish have scaleless bodies, barbels, and whisker-like appendages, while snappers have scales and lack […]

Raw bacon for catfish

Do Catfish Like Bacon?

Bacon is an excellent bait for catfish. They will take it up readily, but the bait is one of many essential things when catching catfish. No matter how well the bait works, you must first know how to catch catfish properly. One reason why catfish love bacon is because of […]

Blacktip Grouper

What is a Blacktip Grouper?

The Blacktip Grouper, scientifically known as Epinephelus fasciatus, is a fish species belonging to the family Serranidae. This species is also commonly known by other names, such as blacktip rock cod, blacktip hind, and blacktip sea bass. Anglers and commercial fishers both highly prize this fish because of its distinctive […]

Catfish Close up

What Is the Difference Between Catfish and Flounder?

Catfish and flounder differ in appearance, size, lifespan, distribution, taste, and many other factors. Though they are both bottom feeders with similar nutritional qualities, their differences far outweigh them. In this article, we will go in-depth on these differences. Habitat and Distribution Differences Between Catfish and Flounder Catfish are commonly […]

White Grouper- Is it sleeping?

Do Grouper Sleep?

Grouper does sleep, and they need rest like us humans as well. However, the fish does not sleep how you expect it to since fish in the water sleep differently. Groupers generally sleep at night because they believe they are safer from predators. Group naps have been observed among various […]

Wels Catfish

What Is the Difference Between Catfish and Walleye?

Both catfish and walleye are freshwater fish. They differ in appearance, habitat, feeding habits, and taste. Both fish are prized for their meat and offer a challenging fight when hooked. However, despite some similarities in appearance, several key differences between these two species set them apart. Although these fish may […]

Frozen Perch which could be used a bait

Do Catfish Like Frozen Bait?

Catfish like frozen bait and can be caught using frozen bait. They prefer live baits more, but frozen baits can do the trick. Since catfish have a varied diet, there are many things you can use as bait to catch them. Catfish are usually bottom feeders who eat whatever they […]

Catfish all together

How Do Catfish Defend Themselves?

Catfish use camouflage, spines, and distinctive behaviors such as pretending to be dead or producing a poisonous substance to avoid exploring and surviving in their aquatic surroundings. Catfish are known for their sharp barbs and spines that they use to protect themselves from predators. These barbs and spines are on […]