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Broomtail Grouper

What Is a Broomtail Grouper?

The Mangrove Grouper (Mycteroperca xenarcha), sometimes known as the Broomtail grouper, is a ray-finned fish found in the eastern Pacific from California to Peru. This species favors estuaries with mangroves. Adults can be found up to a depth of 60 meters in shallow water, together with juveniles. Classification of Broomtail […]

Grouper on a plate with vegetables

Difference Between a Grouper and a Salmon

In terms of B12, B3, B6, B2, copper, B5, B1, and phosphorus, salmon is more abundant than grouper. When individuals are unsure which fish is best to eat, they frequently compare grouper with salmon. As we differentiate grouper and salmon fish, we will now provide you with some important facts. […]

Caught Largemouth Bass

Do Catfish Eat Bass?

Catfish can eat whatever fits in its mouth, and sometimes that can be a bass. However, this is not common, as the bass is a large, aggressive fish which can defend themselves against catfish. Bass is actually an important part of the diet for larger catfish. Smaller species such as […]

What is Wallagonia Leerii?

Wallagonia Leerii is a species of catfish that is more commonly known by the name “Great Tapah.” This is a unique and interesting species of catfish that anglers love for its size and appearance. This unique fish is found in Southeast Asia, from Thailand to Indonesia. The appearance of Wallagonia […]

Red tailed catfish

What is a Red Tailed Catfish?

The red-tailed catfish has a large head with long whiskers, a body that is mostly black, and an underside that is white from the mouth to the caudal fin. Occasionally, the pelvic, anal, and dorsal fins appear red in addition to the tail. The red-tail catfish is a big freshwater […]

Fish exhibiting territorial behavior

Are Catfish Territorial?

Some catfish are known to be territorial, meaning they like to live in one place and will defend it from other fish. This trait can prove helpful in some situations, such as when only one fish population and the catfish need to get along. Other times, the catfish can fight […]

Will Catfish Eat Anchovies?

Catfish do indeed eat anchovies. An excellent catfish bait for channel catfish is anchovies, which can also occasionally bring in little flatheads and blue catfish. In addition to natural catfish baits like shad, bluegill, and shiners, anchovies can be a particularly effective addition.¬†Anchovies will be a step down from live […]

Catfish close up

Do Catfish Have Scales and Fins?

Catfish are a species of fish that are found in almost all parts of the world. Some catfish are kept as pets, while others can also be eaten. Generally, catfish do not have any scales, which also makes this fish unique. When it comes to fins, just like other fish, […]